What is WebTools?

WebTools is the one-stop shop for managing flows. This includes creating new routes; reviewing auditing information; generating, editing and recollecting files; managing your use accounts and generating reports.

WebTools Training and Support

WebTools is a suite of web-based tools, accessible through your web browser, and provided with your Gateway connection to the Data Transfer Network, allowing you to:

  1. Create new routes so you can configure where data is delivered to
  2. View Audit information so you have a real time view of the status of your messages
  3. Re-send data without having to regenerate it
  4. Re-collect without having the sender re-send the data
  5. Generate or edit existing files using a tool call DFlowPortal
  6. Manage User accounts
  7. View statistics
  8. Manage Reports

Our helpdesk can provide you access to our e-learning platform with video tutorials on how to use our WebTools suite.

You can also access User Guides through our support portal or by accessing the downloads page in the restricted area of our website. You must be a registered website user in order to access these. Please register by following the ‘Register’ link at the top right of this page, then find User Guides here.


How will it benefit you?
  • You can enjoy ease of use with any browser
  • You can streamline processes and reduce duplication of effort, such as eliminating the need to send multiple requests for data
  • Your one stop shop to manage your flows adds value through simplicity
  • You can intelligently manage your flows and the identification of inefficiencies through access to statistics and reports
  • You can enjoy complete control including instantaneous and real time view of the status of your messages

What is included