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Energy data solutions

We provide unique energy market insight through data analysis to help businesses to:

  • achieve their ambitions of innovating through projects such as product development,
  • gain deeper insight and understanding of their performance, capabilities and problem solving,
  • enhance customer success across the entire lifecycle from acquisition to retention,
  • support compliant connectivity and collaboration with other industry players,
  • improve communication with internal and external stakeholders through visualisations, and
  • implement positive change programmes.

Why ElectraLink?


no project is too big or small


solutions designed to suit your business


we operate within controlled, safe environments



experiment with anonymised real-life data


gain whole-industry or countrywide perspectives

We provide data solutions for:

| Suppliers | DNO | Intermediaries | Trade Bodies | Consultants | MAPs and MAMs | Academia and research |

Celebrating ElectraLink's 25th birthday

Reflections and projections after 25 years of ElectraLink, by CEO Dan Hopkinson

Reflections and projections after 25 years of ElectraLink, by CEO Dan Hopkinson

ElectraLink has supported far-reaching industry change and advancement since the turn of the millennium. The organisation has also experienced its own change in form, focus and position to stay relevant and make an increasing impact in a rapidly changing industry.


Explore our solutions…

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Data solutions for Innovation

Bring experimental ideas and business models to life using data


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Data solutions for Insight

Discover facts, trends, and pain points through data


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Data solutions for Customer success

Fill gaps in your data quicker to better understand and serve customers


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Data solutions for Connectivity

Support processes and industry transformation with the compliant flow of data



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Data solutions for Communication

Present complex data sets in simple, visually engaging ways

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Data solutions for Positive change

Strengthen and measure your change initiatives with data


Innovation at the Edge – challenging and consolidating the energy market

Innovation at the Edge – challenging and consolidating the energy market

As the UK continues to decarbonise, digitalise, and decentralise its energy network, there is no one-size-fits-all approach – every business has its own journey to take. Instead of championing one idea, ElectraLink believes in nurturing many smaller ideas, providing tools and solutions for everyone to engage with larger projects.

With experience leading large innovation projects across the industry, we are well-versed in developing data systems that connect different organisations accelerating their transition to a modern, flexible energy system that drives enhanced flexibility services, new value propositions for low carbon technologies, and enhanced network planning.

Join Chief Data Officer, Paul Linnane, on Wednesday, 17 May, at 12.45pm at the Smart Stage to hear real world examples of how embracing data and emerging technology can lead to positive change in the energy industry of today and the future.


More about Paul

Paul joined ElectraLink as Head of Energy Market Insights (EMI) in June 2018. His key duties focused on nurturing ElectraLink’s commercial data offerings into a sustainable revenue stream while rolling out unique solutions for the energy market.

Since then, the EMI division has achieved highly through building new use cases to make energy data more accessible to traditional and non-traditional/innovative energy market participants.

Paul led on the development of an API platform which serves millions of API calls per month in support of improved customer switching and energy usage awareness. He also headed the creation of EMPRIS – the cutting-edge platform which democratises energy data access and provides advanced machine learning and visualisation capabilities.

In July 2021, Paul progressed to the Executive Team as Director of Data and Development where his remit now covers achievement of the revenues and capabilities of ElectraLink’s data businesses, as well as development and delivery of new products and solutions.

Prior to joining ElectraLink, Paul worked in various energy data consultancy roles in the UK and US, delivering benefit to energy retail companies through enhanced use of data and analytics.


Data for innovation


We are leaders in data-driven innovation in the GB energy market. Our expert knowledge and variety of data sets enrich the quality and diversity of information entering your systems to develop creative, scalable solutions and overcome your and the industry’s challenges.

Benefits of our data for innovation solutions…

  • Brings experimental ideas and business models to life.
  • Provides data and environments to trial new offerings or product development, including MVPs and POCs, based on real data that has been pseudonymised allowing you to test ‘in real life’.
  • Utilise data from outside of your sector to add another layer of intelligence to your project development process.
  • No project is too large or small – whether you are looking to make minor innovative enhancements to internal processes or working on large-scale, cross-industry funded innovation projects, we can help.
  • Observe the energy landscape as a whole.
  • Identify energy profiles to detect opportunities that can be maximised and issues that can then be resolved.


Solutions for innovation:

| EMPRIS | Flexr | Skyline |


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Data for insight

Our expertise in data analysis applies to all manner of challenges and questions. We aim to empower your evidence-based discovery of facts, trends, and pain points, enabling connections with new partners to assess capabilities, enhance functionality and improve problem-solving.

Benefits of our data for insight solutions…

  • Utilise real data within the market to identify trends, enabling you to understand competitor performance to inform proactive strategic decisions.
  • Better understand your business’ progress and performance against industry targets and expectations.
  • Discover answers to industry questions with support from our data experts.
  • Explore insights uncovered by industry partners and use popular data sets to reshape outputs according to your needs.
  • Gain unique perspectives, whether you’re exploring whole industry or countrywide trends or want to delve into the detail of smaller data sets.
  • Proactively improve your competitive advantage through a greater understanding of internal capabilities.


Solutions for insight:

| FixEt | SmartInsight | GridView | SmetTrack | SwitchTrack | EMPRIS | 

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Data for customer success

We add real value through data for a better customer experience – with such limited price variance in the market, an excellent experience has never been more important. We deliver access to information and systems integration to fill gaps in your data quicker and more accurately, allowing you to better understand and serve your customers while giving your offering room to grow.

Benefits of our data for customer success solutions…

  • Enhance customer acquisition through tools that identify site-level information, streamlining quoting processes.
  • Simplify customer onboarding and ongoing journey by using data to fill in gaps and lessen the burden on customers with information supplied through a service rather than obtained from the customer.
  • Ensure information accessed is accurate to reduce errors and avoid ‘bill shock’ for customers.
  • Improve customer retention with visibility of their customer journey to better understand their needs and identify suitable opportunities for contact.
  • A compliant way to access customer data as consent is built into the process.


Solutions for customer success:

| QuoteRight | DataGenie | MeterGenie | QuoteBusiness | SwitchTrack | DUoS e-Billing | 


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Data for connectivity

Ensuring data is safely and securely transferred is what we do, but our data connectivity solutions go beyond that. Our expertise lies in lowering barriers, navigating regulatory challenges and delivering meaningful, useful outputs across shared data sets and cross-industry connections. Our systems enable the flexible flow of information across utilities to support core industry processes and the energy industry’s transformation whilst upholding compliance.

Benefits of our data for connectivity solutions…

  • Securely transfer customer data to facilitate switching and billing.
  • Remove obstacles to accessing multiple data sets across the entire energy market through an established governance process.
  • Customise data flows to empower collaboration between market players.
  • Create duplications of vital business data to enable seamless migration to new systems.
  • End-to-end support and customer service for new and established market participants with access to a helpdesk for speedy resolutions.


Solutions for connectivity:

| DTS | RGMAConnect | CSSConnect


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Data for communication

When it comes to understanding complex data sets, a variety of stakeholders with differing skills need to stay informed. Our solutions enable cross-departmental teams to engage with data visually, distilling the key messages and displaying them in a user-friendly manner, tailored to the audience. It will allow you to gain meaningful visibility to identify trends, perform comparisons, and monitor asset performance at a holistic level.

Benefits of our data for communication solutions…

  • Break down barriers of communication between technical and non-technical audiences through the graphical representation of complex data sets.
  • Collaborate with our data experts to identify and distil energy behaviours and activities that can be shared cross-departmentally through visualisations.
  • Learn how to curate visual displays to present information in new ways that draw focus to key components.
  • Condense large volumes of data into easy to digest displays.

Solutions for communication:

| NetGen | SmartInsight | GridView | SmetTrack | SwitchTrack |


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Data for positive change

We provide the critical component to roll out long-lasting positive change initiatives: data. If you need support with energy efficiency, vulnerable customer, or low carbon technology projects, you can leverage our experience with customers including DNOs, local authorities and environmental groups to identify areas of improvement and benefit people and the planet.

Benefits of our data for positive change solutions…

  • Evidenced-based justification for your projects supporting the transition to Net Zero
  • Monitor changing infrastructure requirements for improved future planning
  • Understand energy habits to identify groups of customers most heavily impacted by changing circumstances


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