What is the SmetTrack?

The only household level smart meter tracking service with full visibility of all electricity meter exchanges across SMETS1, SMETS2 or non SMETS across Great Britain.






How will it benefit you?
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors and industry targets
  • Assess your performance against wider industry trends
  • Perform installation analysis against different geographies and demographics
  • Provide your exec teams with a detailed understanding of your smart roll-out performance
  • Market your performance against others
Monthly smart meter installs


ElectraLink provides analysis of the location of smart meter installations within distribution network (GSP) areas to show the deployment of smart meters across GB and the power of the data carried by the Data Transfer Service (DTS).

The analysis is based on the D0150 data flows which are transmitted across our network and which capture the vast majority of smart meter installations. Our analysis defines smart meters as those models with the capability to handle time of use tariffs and which can be remotely updated.

For installations after September 2013 we count all meters flagged as SMETS1, SMETS2 or non SMETS. For installations before the industry standard designation was agreed, the allocation is based on the make and model of meter.

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