Smart Insight Service

ElectraLink has a portfolio of Smart Insight Services to help you plan, schedule and maximise first-time installations.

Our Smart Insight Service provides market participants with the ability to identify geographic areas of likely installation complexity. The smart metering implementation roll-out is already well underway and is a major UK infrastructure programme, with significant implications for the UK energy sector.

As the charts below clearly show, installation rates will need to rise rapidly in order to meet 2020 objectives. It is therefore essential that energy suppliers have the right tools to enable them to plan, deliver and monitor the programme, whether these be DNO or access related.



ElectraLink’s Smart Insights Services are based on historical meter installation and failure data collected since April 2012. The vital insights – continually updated by live data generated by the energy suppliers, meter installers and distribution network operators (DNO’s) – can be used to improve smart meter installation planning and scheduling in order to maximise first-time installation success.

ElectraLink has developed 6 Smart Insights Services


An Accelerator Service to get you started

The Accelerator Service combines benchmarking, geographic visualisation and “hot-spot” identification in a three-month package designed for rapid and cost-effective deployment. We believe that the Accelerator Service is the most effective way for you to quickly evaluate how to embed Smart Insights into your roll-out programme.

More information can be found in the Electralink Smart Insight Accelerator Service brochure or contact