New Entrant Support

We understand the complexities of entering the UK electricity and gas markets, and have developed a New Entrant Support Programme that defines how our services fit in with all your requirements to enter the market successfully.

We can support you to enter the gas and electricity markets by reviewing your requirements and answering questions about ElectraLink services, and your responsibilities as a new entrant. We support industry by motivating stakeholders to consider the needs of new entrants from either industry, the regulator or new technology and applying it to our own processes to ensure we are fit for purpose, now and in the future. Understanding our customers’ business needs is an essential part of our service.

With almost two decades of experience, we’ve built our business and reputation on:

  • Offering innovative services, using cloud-based, scalable technology, integrating with existing industry processes and business systems;
  • a commitment to the highest quality of service delivered at cost effective prices;
  • identifying and solving industry problems;
  • supporting customers with dedicated, independent and expert advice;
  • delivering change to market on time and within budget.

Check-out our New Entrant Guidance  document and watch our video for further information, and contact our coordinator at for a review of your requirements.