Theft Risk Assessment Service

The TRAS is a data analytics service for energy Suppliers to help assess the risk of energy theft at consumer premises and target theft investigations. TRAS will use data provided by Suppliers, augmenting it with third party data (e.g. credit history) to identify instances of unusually low consumption that may indicate theft.  Suppliers may then choose to investigate these instances.

This dual fuel, cross code, multi stakeholder service was launched on time and to budget on the 1 April 2016.

What is ElectraLink’s role in TRAS?

Since 2012, ElectraLink has had a leading role in the delivery of the TRAS including the planning, procurement, contract award and go live of the service. In April 2014, ElectraLink was appointed as the dual fuel energy TRAS Project and Procurement Manager under the SPAA and DCUSA governance frameworks. In April 2016, ElectraLink was also awarded the contract to manage the support and administration of the live TRAS service. The role includes:

• Contract & stakeholder management;
• Meeting and change administration activities; and
• Guidance and support to industry

Who is impacted by TRAS?

All gas and electricity suppliers that have registered supply points must adhere to their TRAS obligations under SPAA (Schedule 34) and DCUSA (Schedule 25).

Who do I contact if I want to know more about the TRAS?

The ElectraLink TRAS team is here to help, please contact us by emailing and we will happily arrange a call to talk you through your TRAS obligations, and how you can begin submitting data to TRAS. All information is also held on the TRAS Portal.

Energy Theft Tip-Off Service – ETTOS

ETTOS is a separate but complementary service to the TRAS and went live in September 2016. It provides the StayEnergySafe line open 24- hours, 7 days a week with a national free-phone telephone service and website for members of the public to report suspected energy theft online at The service allows tip offs regarding suspected energy theft, received from the general public, to be sent to the relevant supplier or network operator based on the address provided in the tip off.

All SPAA and DCUSA Parties are required to provide a nominated single point of contact (ESPOC) for ETTOS matters. The ESPOC will be responsible for the receipt of tip offs from the ETTOS, and any subsequent investigation (either directly or through their team).

More information contact a member of the ETTOS team by emailing


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Direction under paragraph 8 of condition 12A of the Standard Conditions of the Gas Supply Licence to introduce the Theft Risk Assessment Service