Meter Asset Manager Code of Practice

As the SPAA Secretariat, ElectraLink was appointed to manage the transition of the Meter Asset Manager Code of Practice (MAMCoP) scheme into the SPAA which was undertaken in August 2012.

The MAMCoP was first published in 2005; it was administered by Ofgem and advised by an industry expert group.  It sets out the requirements for Meter Asset Managers (MAM) that wish to be accredited under the MAMCoP Registration scheme.  The gas supplier and transporter licences put an obligation on licensees to use accredited MAMs.  An independent Registration Agent assesses MAMs’. compliance for accreditation to be awarded and retained.

We strive to maintain integrity of the scheme whilst ensuring future improvements can be made by relevant stakeholders. We also question current arrangements and put forward enhancements using our cross code experience, developed over a decade of governance services.

The latest version of MAMCoP can be found on the SPAA website. The SPAA website contains details of the MAMCoP Board meetings, the current and archived MAMCoP and information about the ad hoc projects and consultations.  We regularly seek feedback to identify ways to improve the pages as we recognise this is a key communication route for our customers.

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