Distribution, Connection and Use of System Agreement

DCUSA is a multi-party contract between licensed distributors, suppliers and generators of Great Britain.

DCUSA was established in October 2006 as a multi-party contract between the licensed electricity distributors, suppliers and generators of Great Britain. It is concerned with the use of the electricity distribution systems to transport electricity to or from connections to them. The DCUSA replaced numerous bi-lateral contracts, giving a common and consistent approach to the relationships between these parties in the electricity industry.

It is a requirement that all licensed electricity Distribution Businesses and Suppliers become Parties to the DCUSA. Since its creation, the DCUSA has expanded to encompass Distributor to Distributor relationships and relationships with Gas Suppliers who wish to work at the customer’s electricity connection point to fit communications associated with SMART gas meters.

For more information visit www.dcusa.co.uk or contact the DCUSA Helpdesk at dcusa@electralink.co.uk.