The Data Explained

The electricity markets are complex, competitive, dynamic and evolving – particularly in the Smart era. ElectraLink’s Data Transfer Network (DTN) operates at the centre of the industry, carrying much of the data on a variety of market functions. With the permission of the owners of the data, our Energy Market Insight service mines this data source to provide analytics and insight to the industry.

Our unique access to this data, combined with cost-effective operations and a culture of quality delivery, makes us the natural partner of industry parties who need intelligence that can deliver a real commercial advantage.

The data transferred on our network covers a wide range of industry processes, including the following:

  • Change of Supplier
  • Settlement
  • Meter Reading
  • Change of Agent
  • New Connection
  • Installation, reconfiguration and removal of meters
  • Pre-Pay Meter management

As no single data flow contains a complete record of a meter’s technical, registration and consumption details, ElectraLink joins together the content from different data flows in order to provide insight into participant or customer behaviour, or to highlight process or market participant activity.

The data set at our disposal has potential for providing commercially valuable insight to a wide variety of organisations operating within the electricity industry. For example, our data can be used to:

  • improve marketing strategies based on analysis of customer churn propensity
  • report on installation of Smart Meters to help suppliers and meter operators manage their workforce
  • recover missing revenue for suppliers by reporting on Pre-Payment processing problems
  • facilitate centralized reporting for the industry

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