Smart Meter Installation Dataset

The Smart Meter Installation Dataset is a service provided by ElectraLink and Energy Saving Trust to help suppliers and meter operators reduce cost and risk in their smart meter rollout.

The Smart Metering Implementation Programme will require suppliers and their agents to replace approximately 53 million gas and electricity meters with Smart Meters by 2020. The scale of the programme will require a considerable effort by retail market participants to ensure a successful roll-out. A significant element of this will be planning installations both at a macro/strategic level and on a property by property basis.

With a supplier led Smart Meter roll-out, each supplier and their agents will only have limited experience of what are the likely issues in a particular area. Without this experience it is likely that there will be a more costly rollout where teams are left to discover installation issues whilst on site and lead to more appointments over running or being re-scheduled. The task of planning and delivering the roll-out will depend on the effective and efficient use of data to direct the planning tools that participants use.


SMID contains unique predictions on British properties including:

– Property Type
– Probabilities of issues
– Location of meters


The SMID dataset not only provides a valuable picture of properties in Britain and also facilitates the sharing of knowledge between the energy companies, whilst protecting privacy and commercial interests.

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