Smart Meter Data

smart-meter-data_resizeElectraLink’s DTS is ready to support the near real-time data requirements of smart metering, demand side response, embedded generation and storage.

During the Smart Meter rollout, gas network issues between MAMs, Gas Transporters (GTs) and suppliers are being discovered. ElectraLink is currently discussing with industry stakeholders the provision of new data flow services for communication of these issues. Using standardised industry formats, ElectraLink is able to improve the consistency of data sent to and from gas market participants, helping to increase efficiency and reduce error.

As a supplier, MAM/MOP, MAP or Smart Meter System Operator, you may have a bi-lateral or closed-community requirement to exchange information securely with other market participants. SMSOs in particular can benefit from our network provisions. For example, in the case of change-of-supply notification for foundation meters, the installing supplier will have a requirement to allow the gaining supplier to maintain the smart operation of the meters. Installing suppliers can then fulfill their obligations by enabling communication for the gaining supplier to the installing supplier’s head-end system, which ElectraLink is able to provide across the DTN using existing file structures.

Our commercial data flows extend into the gas market, so whether your requirements are electricity-related, gas-related, or dual-fuel-related, we would be happy to talk through your requirements in more detail.

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