Network Capabilities

ElectraLink provides a high-quality data transfer service (DTS) that is safe, secure, resilient and future-proof. The DTS has a greater reach than any other comparable network: it is connected to 100% of electricity retail supply market, and 100% of domestic gas suppliers, as well as 80% of other gas market participants.

djs_electralink_infographic-7-dts_webtools_awThere are clear operational and economic benefits from using the same network for both electricity and gas markets messages. Re-using ElectraLink’s DTS and suite of innovative tools for commercial applications reduces the cost of transferring data to other market participants when compared with creating bilateral internal arrangements.

The strengths of ElectraLink’s network build on its original purpose of supporting our regulated data transmission services:

  • Security: using encryption, digital signatures and a virtual private network, ElectraLink ensures that sensitive information is never compromised.
  • Audit: information about every message is recorded in a central database, which market participants can query in real time so that they have up-to-date information about their data.
  • Reliability: extra capacity is built into the service by design, as is proven by the network’s consistently exceeding very stringent service levels.
  • Resilience: allows for service-wide and customer-specific disaster recovery facilities, as well as being supported 24/7
  • Tools: a variety of different tools are provided which allow customers to manage their data exchanges.

We work with energy market participants to define, design and roll out new industry messaging structures without the normal overheads associated with defining and agreeing new regulated messages. Because we have an existing network infrastructure already in place, we can introduce new industry communications both quickly and cost-effectively, which where appropriate can be in industry standard formats widely used and understood by market stakeholders, such as the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) type flows in electricity industry format with our ElectraLink Flow Dictionary (EFD), or gas industry format flows using Review of Gas Metering Arrangements (RGMA) format. ElectraLink is able to implement these bespoke data flows within a 20-working-day timeframe.

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