Flow Builder

ElectraLink is answering industry’s call for innovation and adding a new Flow Builder service to the Data Transfer Service (DTS) to transform the way that Users can share and consume industry data.

You can now register to use FlowBuilder by following this link. If you register on the ElectraLink website you can access a user guide, and you can register on our e-learning platform to view how-to videos.

For over 20 years ElectraLink has supported the evolution of the UK energy market with consistent and reliable delivery of the Data Transfer Service. From its inception in 1998, the DTS has underpinned competition and growth in the market through flexible, secure
and trusted data transfer.


The industry is now facing an unprecedented volume of change therefore a new solution is required to assist Users in designing and implementing new and amended flows in a timely manner, and to enable end to end testing of upcoming changes.

ElectraLink shared an initial build of Flow Builder as a proof of concept with a number of DTS Users in early 2018. Following some very positive feedback we are pleased to announce that we will be launching Flow Builder as an operational service in Q4 2018.


    1. A test platform for upcoming industry flow changes
      1. Users can quickly create new flows to match upcoming DTC changes and perform end to end testing to reduce the likelihood of process errors following a DTC implementation.
    2. A platform for prototyping proposed flows to meet new industry requirements
      1. Users can swiftly design new flows in real time to meet new requirements and share these with the industry as a whole, or selected partners.
    3. Enables swift creation and implementation of bi-lateral commercial flows
      1. Market participants create flows to communicate securely over the DTS with new business partners using tailored flows specifically designed to meet the requirements of bi-lateral arrangements.

Flow Builder icons-25


    1. An easy to use graphical drag and drop interface: Users can easily drag and drop single or multiple items to create new or amended flows.
    2. Share proposed designs with chosen partners: Users can easily restrict the view of proposed designs to selected Market Participants if required.
    3. Integrated with the Data Transfer Service: Flow designs can be ‘published’ to the DTS, and Users can then transmit the new flows over the DTS leveraging the full suite of available auditing, translation and validation tools.
    4. Creation of new data items and groups: Users are not limited to the existing data items and can easily create new ones to create new required flows.
    5. Version control: When amending existing flows Users can select whether to create a new version of the existing flow, or a completely new flow (D reference). D flow references and version numbers will be automatically allocated to ensure they do not clash with planned DTC changes.
    6. Annex documentation available: Users can download Word documents containing the structural details of flow designs.