File Cloner


File Cloner allows DTN Users to send a copy message file to a secondary destination which might be a different site or simply a different area of the business.

File Cloner is the facility to deliver a duplicate copy to a secondary destination. This works in a similar way to the ‘CC’ field in an email, allowing messages to be sent to both MOp and DC or Retailer and MOp. Normal DTS processing takes one user file and delivers it to one destination host. Unlike a ‘CC’ field, however, File Cloner ensures that the ‘CC’ copy is only delivered if the original file is delivered

It can be implemented to support:

  • Bulk Change of Agent activities – planned migration of MPIDs or roles from one DTS Gateway to another;
  • Upgrades to customer systems, hardware or software upgrades or platform migrations;
  • Supplier of Last Resort, receiving copy traffic of the incumbent supplier’s customers’ industry information;
  • Disaster Recovery scenarios (mirror standby back up sites); and
  • Where a supplier or agent needs to receive a cloned copy of another party’s DTN data (upon agreement of the other party of course!)

Download the File Cloner document to see how File Cloner helped Utiliteam.

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