DUoS e-Billing

duos_resizeElectraLink’s distribution use of system (DUoS) e-Billing service delivers considerable benefits to both electricity suppliers and DNO’s. It transmits the invoices electronically as data flows, which can then be fed directly into the validation systems of electricity suppliers (instead of the paper bill-based method that was used in the past).

Both suppliers and agents sought economic and operational efficiencies from being able to send and receive DUoS billing and remittance files across the DTN. This has led to the elimination of data validation issues, and the associated cost incurred with manual input, while significantly improving cash flow.
ElectraLink worked in partnership with the suppliers and HMRC to develop the DUoS e-Billing service. Working together, we developed a shared understanding of the problem of designing new data flows and achieving HMRC e-Billing system sign-off. ElectraLink developed the system, carried out extensive testing and successfully implemented the service on time and within budget.

Our service now supports all 14 of the DNO’s, the 6 major electricity suppliers, as well as a number of the independent suppliers too.

For more information please read our DUoS Factsheet.

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