Commercial Services

ElectraLink’s data transfer service (DTS) is the energy industry’s most effective mechanism for communicating with all market participants in a smarter world, which can be accessed on either a regulated or commercial service contract.

The DTS is a unique component of the UK energy market, transferring data securely between all actors to support competition, innovation and low costs for consumers. Among our gateway options, we offer next-generation cloud and virtual private network (VPN) technology.  We offer an innovative suite of value-added commercial services including file validation, auditing and centralised reporting. We have a deep understanding of the commercial requirements of energy market participants and central code bodies. Parties developing ways to interact with the energy industry have found a commercial DTS connection of value, enabling you to test message structures and interactions with the live environment, and by arrangement, with your customers.

Please note that connections requiring physical on-site infrastructure have a lengthy lead time, and therefore in the majority of cases a Remote User Gateway (RUG) is an efficient technology solution for most message volumes.

A commercial DTS connection can be combined with other services, e.g. Check-IT to facilitate accelerated development and testing cycles.

Our commercial network services:

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