Bespoke Messaging

bespoke-messaging_resizeElectraLink has a unique position to provide new message types to market participants to meet challenges faced by the energy industry. ElectraLink is able to provide messages in standard DTC or RGMA format. Once a format and structure has been agreed the messages can be transmitted over the DTN utilising existing DTS tools including message validation.

As an example, the introduction of competition in the electricity metering market (REMA) in 2003 required Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) to separate metering charges for Meter Asset Provision (MAP) and Meter Asset Maintainer (MAM) services, in order to facilitate metering competition. ElectraLink played a pivotal role in the review, ensuring the industry-wide adoption of REMA progressed seamlessly. We achieved this by closely co-coordinating and rolling out new REMA data flows to all market participants within an agreed industry timeframe. Our secure, auditable Data Transfer Network now processes all REMA data flows.

ElectraLink has also worked closely with a number of organisations to develop additional bespoke REMA-based business-to-business data flows. These are critical to the delivery of the commercial frameworks that support metering competition within those organisations. Our flexibility enables these companies to take advantage of the nationwide DTN services to support these commercial activities.

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