Network Services

ElectraLink’s Data Transfer Network (DTN) is a messaging and communications network, developed to underpin and support regulated data transfer in the electricity and gas industry.

Our network is available to support a wide range of data transfer and analytical requirements across the gas and electricity sectors. The DTN is used by the gas industry to facilitate competition in the gas metering market through the transfer of RGMA data flows. Because of the recent introduction of gas registration flows to the DTS, in addition to being connected to 100% of electricity suppliers, the DTN is now connected to 100% of the domestic gas suppliers and overall to 74% of the domestic retail gas market participants.

This increasing connectivity means that the DTN is probably already connected to your industry partners and therefore ElectraLink can work with your organisation to deliver your data transfer requirements on our established and secure network. This will reduce the overheads, set-up costs and risks normally associated with setting up a new messaging/communications infrastructure. These connections can be existing industry flow formats or bespoke messaging solutions.

For our existing and new users, we also offer a number of products that add functionality to the regulated Data Transfer Service, such as Check It and File Cloner that can add value to your DTN connection through the reduction of operating costs.