RGMAConnect facilitates data transfer between commercial gas market participants with strict adherence to industry agreed Review of Gas Metering Arrangements (RGMA) baseline or file requirements. The UK’s largest commercial gas suppliers and their metering agents rely on RGMAConnect to maintain efficient operations and competition in the market.

RGMAConnect Benefits

Enables automation – saving you time and money
Improves your efficiency through standardised documentation, flow formats and RGMA baseline reviews
Improves your security by using a tried and tested security model
Ensures your accountability, with up-to-date information available in real time
You can rest easy thanks to consistently stringent service levels due to extra capacity built into the solution by design
You will receive service-wide and customer- specific disaster recovery facilities and 24/7 technical support
Boosts digitalisation projects and customers’ rapid uptake of digital processes
You will have access to our knowledge of the Retail Energy Code

Problems We Can Help You Solve

"We are a new metering agent and need to communicate with the gas market"

Our solution

Many of the largest energy networks, suppliers and metering agents use RGMAConnect to share information. By using RGMAConnect as a market entrant, you instantly become part of the efficient gas information ecosystem and have us on hand to support your first steps.

"We need advice on the RGMA baseline and data sharing requirements"

Our solution

Signing up to use RGMAConnect gives you access to a trusted data transfer infrastructure already embedded in many gas market organisations’ systems, but also makes ElectraLink’s expertise and skills available to you to facilitate rapid envelopment in the gas market.

"We currently can’t handle the amount of information shared between us and our gas market peers"

Our solution

RGMAConnect exchanges data flows based on flow structures required by the RGMA baseline, meaning efficient transfer capable of high traffic volumes. RGMAConnect was also created with plenty of headroom to cope with high traffic volumes so organisations can grow and diversify without technical constraints.

RGMAConnect Documentation

You can view RGMAConnect documentation from the DTS portal, please note you will need to be a registered member to access the documents.

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