Give your customers the choice they deserve with QuoteRight – our quoting API that uses estimated annual consumption (EAC) data at MPAN level to find energy prices and close deals within minutes. Our APIs integrate seamlessly with internal and customer-facing systems to secure the best prices as they happen and empower you to give your customers world-class service.

QuoteRight Benefits

Ensures accurate quotes fast
Customers no longer need to know their own consumption
Ensures direct debits are set correctly
Improves customer experience
Reduces post set-up customer contact
Personalises the customer acquisition process

QuoteRight in Action

ElectraLink works with a variety of established and start-up organisations from many industries to make energy market data accessible for digital solutions and new use cases.


Yü Energy
Yü Energy licensed QuoteRight to make quoting and acquisition more efficient and accurate.
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BizSwitch incorporated ElectraLink APIs into its platform, saving business managers a lot of time.
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Problems We Can Help You Solve

"I want to close more deals faster"

Our solution

QuoteRight gives access in milliseconds to a consented customer’s Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) based on actual meter reads and is the only available source of forward-looking consumption information which can be used by to obtain accurate quotes, reducing back office time and cost and allowing you to automate the process from quotation to contracting.

"My customers don’t know their energy usage"

Our solution

QuoteRight matches can be used to search via address and postcode to obtain a customers MPAN, meter details and EAC without the customer needing to know their MPAN, saving you from losing customers during the sign up process.

"Getting accurate electricity industry data can be difficult"

Our solution

QuoteRight provides direct access to ‘point of truth’ data that can eliminate errors when valuing an energy contract and put the power in your hands during disputes over bills and contracts.

QuoteRight in Numbers

data points per MPAN retrieved
most popular API solution ElectraLink offers
of households' and SMEs' EAC data for accurate quotes

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