What is QuoteRight?


QuoteRight allows energy suppliers, Third Party Intermediaries and Price Comparison websites to access household specific consumption data. GDPR compliance is ensured by customer consent. The data ensures accurate quoting and improves the customer on boarding process.


How will it benefit you?
  •  Ensures accurate quotes
  •  Removes the need for customers to know their current consumption
  •  Ensures direct debits are set correctly
  •  Improves customer experience
  •  Reduces post set up customer contact
  •  Personalises the customer acquisition process
  • Whole of market estimated annual consumption data
  • Only source of this data
  • Near realtime data
QuoteRight Essentials

QuoteRight Essentials

A compact, accessible version of our most popular data solution, QuoteRight Essentials is purpose-built for growing organisations who need to identify and monitor information on customers’ sites. This API includes data and search functionalities and supports a range of potential use cases, such as quoting, customer onboarding, EV charge point monitoring and property utilities management.

How will it benefit you?
  • Gives you the tools to provide quotes, site and supplier identification, excellent account management and customer service for SME, HH and household energy users
  • Streamlines your sales cycle and customer journey by removing the need for customers to know their own supply point info
  • Provides a data solutions entry point for cost-effective integration with further solutions in future
  • Enables flexibility in your commitment to ElectraLink’s range of data solutions
  • Simplifies the onboarding and authorisation process
  • GDPR compliant as the process requires customer consent
  • Basic meter point data from all households and SMEs
    • MPAN
    • MPAN top line
    • Meter serial number (MSN) / meter ID
    • Meter type
    • Current supplier
    • Supplier effective date
  • Postcode search
  • MPAN search

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