What is QuoteBusiness?

QuoteBusiness allows energy suppliers, Third Party Intermediaries and Price Comparison websites to access the half hourly settlement information needed to provide accurate quotes for businesses.






How will it benefit you?
  • Ensures accurate quotes
  • Removes the need for customers to know their current consumption
  • Ensures direct debits are set correctly
  • Improves customer experience
  • Reduces post set up customer contact
  • Personalises the customer acquisition process
  • Provides 14 months of near real-time data
  • Provides a complete picture of business’ energy profile, allowing you to provide investment advice to your clients
  • Historic and latest HH consumption value for every HH MPAN (both Traditional HH and PC5-8 following P272)
  • Real time access to 14 months of Active and Reactive Import and Export consumption collected from the D0036s and D0275s and D0379/380
  • 100% accurate information on the date the CoS was raised by the Customer with the new Supplier
  • Accurate and up to date data on a failed switch and the reasons for the objection
  • Extra services can be added to business offering as a result of access to a complete picture of business’ energy profile, allowing you to energy bureau and added value services

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