QuoteBusiness is the API that provides half hourly (HH) consumption data at MPAN level to quote energy prices for businesses and close deals within minutes. Our APIs integrate seamlessly with internal and customer-facing systems to secure the best prices as they happen and give your business customers world-class service.

QuoteBusiness Benefits

Ensures accurate quotes fast

Customers no longer need to know their current consumption
Ensures direct debits are set correctly
Improves customer experience
Reduces post set-up customer contact
Personalises the customer acquisition process
Builds business energy use profiles with 14 months of historic data
Provides a complete picture of business’ energy profile, allowing you to provide investment advice to your clients

QuoteBusiness in Action

ElectraLink works with a variety of established and start-up organisations from many industries to make energy market data accessible for digital solutions and new use cases.

Yü Energy
Yü Energy licensed QuoteBusiness to make quoting and acquisition more efficient and accurate.
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Problems We Can Help You Solve

"I want to close more deals faster"

Our solution

QuoteBusiness uses a business’ HH consumption data to gather quotes from many suppliers within seconds, meaning you don’t have to face delays from manually sourcing tariffs and prices.

"My business customers expect more than quotes from their energy brokers"

Our solution

Near real-time and 14 months of historic HH consumption data expands your capabilities and allows you to offer bespoke advice on energy efficiency and investment based on data-driven insights.

"Many of my business customers have their switches delayed"

Our solution

The data points that you access through QuoteBusiness include objections and rejections to switches in the supplier-controlled process. Sight of this allows you to monitor and analyse vulnerabilities and intervene quickly to give your customers a smoother energy procurement experience.

QuoteBusiness in Numbers

months of near real-time data per MPAN
data points per MPAN retrieved
of HH-measured business' consumption, site and meter details

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