ElectraLink’s Governance Services Team Continues To Grow

Published: November 27, 2012

ElectraLink’s Governance Services Team welcomes two new recruits. Verena Leckebush and Claire Hynes have joined ElectraLink’s growing Governance Services Team. Beth Brown ElectraLink’s Governance Services Manager welcomes her two latest team members Verena and Claire. Verena Leckebusch has joined the Governance Services team to support the DCUSA and SPAA codes, in particular the MAMCoP arrangements newly brought under the SPAA.  Beth Brown adds “Delivering a quality service to our customers across the scope of the SPAA and DCUSA adds significant value to the industry. 

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ElectraLink launches Monthly Smart Meter Installation Reports on its website

Published: September 18, 2012

To highlight the value of ElectraLink’s Data Services, ElectraLink launches monthly reports showing the latest smart meter installs split by DNO area on its website ElectraLink is now providing on our website here a report showing the monthly installs of smart meters as reported across the Data Transfer Service (DTS) for each DNO area.  ElectraLink is doing this both to provide visibility to the industry of smart meter activity across the country, and to highlight the value of the Data Services that ElectraLink can offer based on the data flowing across our network.

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ElectraLink goes live with MAMCoP

Published: August 29, 2012

ElectraLink takes on the governance of the Gas Meter Asset Management Code of Practice (MAMCoP) from today (29th August) as an extension of its role as the SPAA Code Administrator In the latest expansion of ElectraLink’s Governance Services business, the governance of the Gas Meter Asset Manager Code of Practice (MAMCoP), and arrangements for MAMs’ accreditation against it, came under the gas Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) from today (29 August 2012). 

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ElectraLink awarded its first Commercial Data Services Contract

Published: July 11, 2012

ElectraLink has been awarded its first Data Services contract to provide one of the Big 6 retailers with detailed sales performance reports versus the rest of the market. This insight will enable them to better monitor and manage their sales and marketing strategies. This contract is the first to be placed with ElectraLink following approval earlier this year from ElectraLink’s users for it to provide Data Services. 

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ElectraLink publishes its responses to DECC Smart Metering Consultations

Published: June 7, 2012

ElectraLink has welcomed the opportunity to respond to DECC’s recent consultations and has submitted responses reflecting ElectraLink’s position at the heart of the Electricity industry, and its experience in administrating both gas and electricity industry codes. Reflecting its position at the heart of the Electricity industry and its experience in code administration, EelctraLink has submitted responses to DECC’s recent consultations. These responses are published on our website. 

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