ElectraLink briefs industry on how market data can help the smart meter rollout

Published: November 21, 2013

Stuart Lacey presented ElectraLink’s view on the opportunities and challenges to using market data to assist the smart meter rollout at the Smart Metering Forum this week. As part of the Marketforce’s 2013 Smart Metering Forum, Stuart Lacey, ElectraLink’s Chief Executive, presented on how ElectraLink has been working on providing help to industry on undertaking the smart meter rollout. During the presentation, Stuart presented on the important issues in using market data to provide industry insight and how ElectraLink has overcome the issues through working with industry. 

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ElectraLink highlights the value of centralised reporting to Ofgem

Published: October 11, 2013

In response to Ofgem’s consultation on supplier reporting for smart meter rollout, ElectraLink has highlighted the value to Industry of central reporting. ElectraLink has responded to Ofgem’s consultation on supplier reporting with a detailed respons identifying the value to consumers and industry of providing reporting on the progress and plans for smart metering through a central body rather than through multiple 1-1 individual reporting.

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ElectraLink Presents at Utility Metering Forum

Published: October 1, 2013

Stuart Lacey presents the value of ElectraLink’s data to help the Smart Meter rollout. Stuart Lacey. ElectraLink’s Chief Executive. presented details of how industry can help the smart meter programme through analytics and reporting on industry data, giving examples of the work that ElectraLink is currently engaged in.  The presentation can be seen here.

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Utility Week shows how ElectraLink’s Data Services can smooth the rollout of Smart Meters.

Published: August 12, 2013

ElectraLink’s data and ideas features in Utility Week’s article on the forthcoming Smart Meter rollout. The value of the data available through ElectraLink’s Data Services was highlighted in a recent article in Utility Week which can be seen here.  The article shows how insight into the likely problems in particular areas could help smooth the Smart Meter rollout, and provide a better customer experience as well as a lower cost rollout. 

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ElectraLink Welcomes Ofgem’s Consent to it providing data services to the Electricity industry.

Published: May 31, 2013

Ofgem announced on 30th May 2013 that it had accepted the request from the DNOs to allow ElectraLink to provide data services to the electricity industry. ElectraLink welcomes Ofgem’s consent announced on 30th May 2013 to ElectraLink’s provision of data, market and support services to the electricity industry. Ofgem says in its determination “We consider that allowing ElectraLink to explore additional data, market and infrastructure support services for businesses in the electricity industry, will potentially benefit both DTS Users and other industry parties.

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