ElectraLink to Manage New Theft Service

Published: May 22, 2018

ElectraLink, the energy market data hub and expert provider of governance services has been appointed to manage the Electricity Theft Detection Incentive Service (ETDIS), on behalf of the energy industry, following previous collaboration with the sector on its design. The success of the Gas Theft Detection Incentive Service (GTDIS) implementation in June 2017, led to the development of the Electricity Theft Detection Incentive Scheme (ETDIS) which has now gained Ofgem approval of DCUSA Change Proposal 288.

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ElectraLink Celebrates 20 Years in the UK Energy Market

Published: May 4, 2018

ElectraLink hosted its 20-year anniversary party at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, ‘London’s Opulent Art Deco Venue’, located in the heart of central London. Almost 200 guests from the energy sector were treated to a plethora of stage entertainment; from fire eating dancers and ballroom dancers, to rope spinning aerial artists suspended from the ceilings by silk. A highlight upon arrival was entering the ambient ‘Enchanted Forest’ which consisted of a lengthy illuminated and ambient vine clad tunnel culminating in a cocktail bar at the end.

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ElectraLink and ICoSS Rewrite and Relaunch Version 6 of Industrial and Commercial Code of Practice

Published: April 4, 2018

ElectraLink and ICoSS have rewritten and relaunched Version 6 of the Industrial and Commercial Code of Practice (I&C CoP). This revised Code of Practice incorporates comments from business shippers and suppliers gathered during the recent consultation period. The Code of Practice was established in 2013 to tackle and resolve common customer transfer issues, suppliers and shippers face in the I&C gas market. 

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ElectraLink Supports National Grid’s Application for Data

Published: March 2, 2018

The Financial Times recently reported on Britain’s dilemma of accurately predicting electricity supply and demand due to the invisibility of small generating facilities. Since 2014, ElectraLink has been developing a distributed generation dataset that can create visibility, based on electricity settlement data transported by the Data Transfer Service (DTS). However, this activity falls under the governance of the DTS Agreement (DTSA), an energy industry multi-party agreement overseen by the DTS User Group.

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ElectraLink is Engaged in the Future of the Gas Market

Published: February 16, 2018

Our attendance at the HSE Energy Conference yesterday, exploring the topic of ‘The Future of Gas’, provided us with great insight to important health and safety considerations, and activities across the gas industry. ElectraLink champion the need for our energy industry to work more closely together, and make governance an enabler for change whilst carefully managing end-customer perceptions and safety. There was exciting discussion around feasibility of widescale hydrogen use in gas networks with potentially less network reinforcement required when compared to the future demands on the electricity grid.

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