ElectraLink’s 2nd Engagement Day of 2019 to be held on 5 November in Westminster

Published: October 8, 2019

ElectraLink is hosting the second Engagement Day of 2019 on 5 November. We are looking forward to welcoming our colleagues from across the utilities market. November’s Engagement Day is titled ‘ElectraLink Host: Central Solutions for a Fast Evolving Utilities Industry’ and it is shaping up to be a compelling day, with involvement from across the broad spectrum of the energy industry, water sector and beyond.

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ElectraLink identifies the EMDH as the most cost-effective network to deliver MHHS

Published: October 4, 2019

On 13 August 2019, Ofgem issued a Request for Information (RfI) seeking views on the cost impact of settlement reform based on Ofgem’s preferred Target Operating Model (TOM) for market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS).

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ElectraLink publishes August 2019 switching figures

Published: September 17, 2019

Recent switching data from our Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH) shows 530,000 customers switched energy supplier in August 2019, 8% more than August 2018. August was also the month with the third most switches in 2019 so far. The total number of completed switches in 2019 has thus risen to over 4 million (4,112,000) – 10.7% more than over the same period last year.

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The grid of things: worldwide lessons for British DSOs

Published: September 5, 2019

The UK energy market is undergoing a rapid, historic transformation as emerging technologies and the pressures of climate change converge. Not only are domestic energy users making greater use of low carbon technologies (LCTs) such as solar panels and electric vehicles, but businesses are digitalising to allow for increased flexibility and optimised processes, thanks to smart control systems and the introduction of a ‘grid of things’.

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ElectraLink’s Chief Executive speaks to New Power on how we’re enabling change in the energy market

Published: September 4, 2019

ElectraLink’s Chief Executive Stuart Lacey was featured last month in the New Power Report’s monthly interview spot.

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