FlowBuilder upgrades are live!

Published: November 5, 2020

This week ElectraLink has launched extensive upgrades to FlowBuilder – the data transfer tool enabling users to design, test and share bespoke data requirements and templates. The upgrades will increase market accessibility for new entrants and promote innovation and collaboration among market participants.

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ElectraLink partners with SSEN and UK Power Networks to prepare electricity system for EV future

Published: October 21, 2020

ElectraLink is delighted to be involved in Skyline, a new innovative partnership launched to support the cost-effective transition to electric vehicles (EVs). In a cross-industry first, data from the automotive industry, charge point operators and electricity networks is being shared and utilised to target investment and pave the way for the net zero transport revolution.

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Switching trends mirror last year despite COVID-induced slowdown

Published: October 16, 2020

Change of Supplier (CoS) data published from ElectraLink’s Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH) today reveals a promising increase in switching during the month of September as it becomes further evident that energy market activity has continued seasonal trends. September 2020 saw 526,000 CoS completed, up three percent from the month before but eight percent less than September 2019 and the lowest September since 2016.

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Smart meter installations increase year-on-year for the first month since lockdown began

Published: October 15, 2020

The energy market’s smart meter installation efforts are almost back on track after the drastic slow down due to COVID-19. September 2020 recorded 232,000 smart meter installations – the first month to record more installations than the same month last year since the initial national lockdown in March.

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ElectraLink’s CSS adaptor with no upfront or connection fees

Published: October 8, 2020

As part of Ofgem’s faster switching programme to create the Central Switching Service (CSS), ElectraLink has spent several years liaising with the energy market, the regulator and especially our customers to develop a solution to facilitate the data transfer needs of a faster switching future.

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