ElectraLink shows how central reporting and the use of existing infrastructure for the smart meter programme can reduce consumers costs

Published: June 26, 2014

ElectraLink has responded to Ofgem’s recent consultation on Monitoring suppliers’ smart meter roll-out activities’ (April 2014) to show the benefits of central reporting and use of existing infrastructure. In its response to Ofgem’s consultation, ElectraLink highlights the value of central reporting and the use of existing infrastructure and shows how the use of its data analytics and existing infrastructure could save the industry money by reducing the reporting burden on individual suppliers whilst at the same time providing a more complete view of activity for Ofgem and other interested parties. 

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DTS Transformation Programme Update 2

Published: June 12, 2014

ElectraLink summarises the successes achieved so far in the DTS transformation programme,and provides further technical and pricing information on the new Gateway options which will become available from October 2014. Please download document below for full details. Attached Document

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ElectraLink’s response DSR Concept Paper May 2014

Published: May 23, 2014

ElectraLink highlights the value of using the Data Transfer Network in supporting Demand Side Management. In its response to the Energy Network Association consultation ‘Demand Side Response Shared Services Framework Concept Paper’, ElectraLink highlights the benefits to using existing industry communications infrastructure to support ENA’s concept of a shared framework. ElectraLink has submitted a response to the ‘Demand Side Response Shared Services Framework Concept Paper’ consultation undertaken by the Energy Networks Association. 

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ElectraLink industry data provides visibility of how the energy market is performing

Published: January 29, 2014

Energy UK recognises the value of the energy market data supplied in ElectraLink’s Central Reporting Services. As part of a contract with Energy UK, a trade association for the energy industry, ElectraLink is providing information on the performance of the retail electricity market, showing the number of customers switching supplier each month, the numbers moving from big suppliers to small suppliers and the average time to switch.

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ElectraLink – Response to Energy Market Reform: Consultation on DECC Proposals

Published: December 23, 2013

In response to DECC’s consultation on Energy Market Reform, ElectraLink has highlighted how existing industry infrastructure is being considered to support the reforms. ElectraLink has responded to DECC’s consultation on the Energy Market Reform proposals. In accordance with our central role as service provider of the Data Transfer Service (DTS) to the GB electricity market we have focused our response on those areas most closely aligned with our experience, knowledge and core competencies.

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