ElectraLink Service Performance Improves as Traffic Continues to Grow

Published: April 13, 2015

As we move towards the final stages of our transformation programme, we continue to improve performance of the DTS as the traffic continues to grow. In March 2015 we processed the highest ever data volume and at the same time achieved a record breaking percentage of files delivered within 5 minutes. The following graph shows the percentage of in-profile messages which were successfully received, routed, validated, converted and delivered within 5 minutes since the end of 2013 when the transformation programme kicked in.

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Elexon and ElectraLink develop new service to help improve the efficiency of Elexon’s Performance Assurance Framework

Published: March 13, 2015

Collaborative working driving improved industry assurance. ElectraLink has worked with ELEXON in developing a new service to improve the performance assurance of electricity Settlement. After a 4 month initial trial period ELEXON has committed to a 3 year contract with ElectraLink to provide data services to support their Performance Assurance Framework (PAF). The PAF is the primary tool used by ELEXON to ensure that allocations of energy and the associated Trading Charges are performed in line with the requirements detailed in the BSC.

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Northern Powergrid Metering uses ElectraLink’s DTN for RGMA communications

Published: March 3, 2015

ElectraLink adds Northern Powergrid Metering to the list of Gas market participants using the DTN for RGMA communications. In support of its Gas Meter Asset Provision business, Northern Powergrid Metering Limited is using ElectraLink’s RGMA messaging services based on ElectraLink’s Data Transfer Network (DTN) to communicate with its Suppliers. This allows Northern Powergrid Metering to use the same network for both Gas and Electricity communications thus reducing complexity and cost whilst at the same time benefiting from the security and audit facilities of the network.

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ElectraLink Achieves ISO27001 Certification

Published: January 31, 2015

ElectraLink today (30 Jan 2015) announced that it has successfully attained ISO 27001:2013 certification, earning the prestigious accreditation after a number of independent, external assessments. The achievement of obtaining this prestigious certification issued by the British Standards Institute (BSI)means that not only are ElectraLink compliant with the stringent and global Information Security standards laid out in the certification, but we have also raised our internal and external Information Security Management System to the very highest level. 

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DTS Transformation Project – Update 4

Published: January 6, 2015

This is the fourth issued update on the DTS Transformation Project The first update issued in March 2014 described the background to the programme and high level information to explain the forthcoming changes and what the changes will mean to you. The second update in June 2014 confirmed the successful migration of the new DTS application on the 17th May 2014, and provided further technical and pricing information on the new Gateway options.

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