National Revenue Protection: What is it and why is it important?

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Energy theft is a serious problem. It affects energy suppliers and consumers alike, endangering lives and coming at a huge cost – both for those committing the crime and others around them. Some estimates say that energy theft costs the energy industry around £500 million every year, which often is absorbed by the consumers. The cost can be more than financial, as tampering with gas and electrical equipment can leave homes and businesses with unsafe supplies and individuals exposed to a real risk of harm and even death.

To promote a safer, fairer market for consumers, suppliers have an obligation, in accordance to supply licence conditions, to play an active role in detecting, investigating, and preventing the theft of electricity.

To support the supplier market tackle energy theft and facilitate compliance with licence conditions, in 2019, ElectraLink launched the National Revenue Protection Service (NRPS) in partnership with Haste Ltd.

Do you struggle to resource an effective revenue protection team? Join us to learn more about NRPS and how this service can relieve resourcing requirements, support you and your business tackle dual fuel theft detection and understand the regulatory theft arrangements to improve processes, quality control, and theft lead analysis.

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