What is MeterReader?

MeterReader improves the supplier switching experience for customers by providing Suppliers, Third Party Intermediaries, Price Comparison Websites and multi-premises landlords access to MPAN meter read history up to the previous three years, subject to acquiring customer consent. This solution provides consumption trend insight allowing you to prioritise investment in platforms, customer service and upgrades where it matters most to you.



How will it benefit you?
  • Reduces delays in the Change of Supplier process
  • Increases cashflow due to accurate consumption history
  • Higher accuracy facilitates better customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Differentiates your services from your competitors
  • Improves customer consumption forecasting
  • Uncovers potential to introduce energy efficiency upgrades to meet net zero
  • Boosts digitalisation projects and customers’ rapid uptake of digital processes
  • Supports bill validation for aggregation and management services
  • Three years’ worth of meter reads
  • Facilitated API integration
  • Whole of market coverage – domestic and SME
  • Thorough governance measures to ensure GDPR compliance

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