MeterReader is simple: up to three years’ worth of MPAN meter readings and all the opportunities that come with it. This fully system-integrated API covers all SME and household sites with a thorough governance process to achieve data law compliance.

MeterReader Benefits

Reduces delays in the Change of Supplier process

Increases cashflow due to accurate consumption history
Higher accuracy facilitates better customer engagement and satisfaction
Differentiates your services from your competitors
Improves customer consumption forecasting
Uncovers potential to introduce energy efficiency upgrades to meet net zero
Boosts digitalisation projects and customers’ rapid uptake of digital processes
Supports bill validation for aggregation and management services

Problems We Can Help You Solve

"Our consumption forecasts are based on vague estimates"

Our solution

With three years of meter readings, real-world evidence will support your forecasting outputs for quoting, low carbon technology adoption and energy efficiency advice.

"Customers keep contesting their bills from industry estimates"

Our solution

Nimbly avoid generic industry-processed estimates with a full history and explanation of every meter read for the last three years

"We are always missing the vital closing meter read before contracting"

Our solution

We have created a tool that gives the closing meter read which can allow you to contract new clients smoothly and without delay.

MeterReader in Numbers

data points for every MPAN retrieved through MeterReader
months of meter readings per MPAN
of households' and SMEs' meter readings available

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