Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) are vital stakeholders in keeping the energy market fair and measurable through the portfolios they lease to suppliers. MeterGenie enables MAPs to actively trace their meter portfolios and better forecast revenue and investment plans.

MeterGenie Benefits

Improves invoice accuracy by up to 40%
Improves cash flow due to correct invoicing
Correctly assesses potential future impacts
Highlights Supplier of Last Resort events
Reduces the risk profile of your installed asset base

Problems We Can Help You Solve

"We don’t hold data for a lot of our meter assets "

Our solution

MeterGenie takes your full list of Meter Serial Numbers (MSNs) and matches them to data that flows across the DTS. This allows you to identify which addresses your meters are installed in, helping you keep an eye on your valuable investments.

"Suppliers keep contesting our invoices for rent"

Our solution

If your supplier invoices are getting push back, you could be billing the wrong suppliers or charging incorrect amounts. The data the DTS carries includes incumbent supplier information for every MPAN, so your MSNs will match to the suppliers you should be billing for an accurate number of meters.

"We don’t know how much we need to invest in updating our asset base to maximise revenue"

Our solution

Investment plans need accurate evidence to calculate returns. By using MeterGenie to track your portfolio, you can see the state and reach of your assets and plan how to budget for further investment based on your business targets.

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