Meter Asset Tracking Service


ElectraLink’s Meter Asset Tracking Service allows MAPs to mitigate risk of loss assets by receiving notifications of changes without having to rely solely on Meter Operator updates.

Meters can be lost, both logically where the MAP loses sight of the asset, and physically when they are installed, removed or undergo a change of Supplier and the MAP is not correctly informed. It is estimated that currently around 2% get logically lost and 0.2% physically. In order to correctly invoice for their installed assets, Meter Asset Providers need to know where they are and which Supplier is responsible for them.  As the pace of smart meter installations increases and the market becomes more fragmented, the risk of losing meters and the associated cost grows. By using ElectraLink’s Asset Tracking Service, MAPs can mitigate this risk by ‘lifting the lid’ on the meter install and Change of Supply processes, and receiving notifications of changes without having to rely solely on Meter Operator updates.

With the smart meter roll-out programme ramping up, more installers will be installing more meters for more suppliers. This, compounded by increasing levels of customer switching adds to the complexity of the market, and the number of opportunities for expensive meter assets to go missing. The graphs to the right show projections for the increase in meter asset value and “asset risk” nationally as the smart meter installation programme ramps up.


How ElectraLink’s Meter Asset Tracking Service can help

ElectraLink’s access to DTS data on all Electricity and Gas Change of Supplier events; as well as Electricity Meter installations and removals; forms the basis of our Meter Asset Tracking Service – this Service is widely used by Meter Asset Providers and can also be used by Suppliers to validate MAP invoicing.
Please see download the meter-asset-tracking-brochure  for more details.