Leveraging energy market data as an enabler of the switcher's journey

About this webinar:

The energy market is currently undergoing the most significant change since deregulation over 20 years ago.

Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs), which support over 2.2m microbusiness customers and £3.5bn in annual spend, is an area of the market which historically has been given less attention. That is soon to change as a result of Ofgem’s current review of the microbusiness market, which could lead to the introduction of new supply license conditions that may, in turn, change the way TPIs and suppliers interact forever. With additional pressures placed on businesses and the wider energy market due to COVID-19, increasing the accuracy of quotes and enabling a smoother switching journey is becoming ever more important to ensure TPIs maximise their efficiency and offer customers the best value for money.

With data and transparency high on this agenda, ElectraLink, as the operator of the data hub that underpins the UK energy market, has looked into understanding the effects of the potential changes in store for TPIs and suppliers.

Leveraging energy market data through digitalisation is our answer. Learn how we can help you digitise the customer journey bringing about the following benefits:

  • Increased trust;
  • Improved payment terms;
  • Operational efficiency;
  • Improved customer experience.

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