In April 2021, Ofgem released a decision and business case outlining the way forward for the Half-Hourly Settlement (HHS) programme based on an Event Driven Architecture (EDA) delivered through the Data Integration Platform (DIP).

A key component of the DIP will be its ability to process real-time information which drives smart decisions across the energy system. However, this could cause issues for smaller organisations or those that are unequipped to make significant changes to their own systems.

Evolution, not revolution

Our HHS adaptor, built on tried-and-tested energy market technology, prepares your business for the significant changes that the DIP will bring in a way that considers your current infrastructure, providing you with a more cost-effective way to interact with changing HHS technology.

The result will be an accessible platform with online dashboards that provides insight and reporting that supports your customers now and in the future with reliability and compliance as standard.

Adept adaptors

For over two decades, we have supported the evolution of the UK energy market with the consistent and reliable delivery of the Data Transfer Service (DTS) – we are well-versed in supporting industry change.

We have used our expertise to support settlement processes, such as ELEXON’s PAF process, and the transition to a smart, flexible network by proving HH data to National Grid to support its forecasting of embedded generation output.

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Proven Success: CSSConnect

CSSConnect provides options to reduce risk, cost and complexity within technical change routes to our customers who must adapt to Ofgem’s faster switching operation.

We delivered this adaptor on time and on budget – it’s now supporting over five million customers with switching.

Reduce risk

to users by re-using an existing service that is proven and reliable, removing the need to integrate with an additional network

Manage costs

with a fixed monthly charge payable only from when the service becomes operational

Remove complexity

by utilising an adaptor that is built on existing, proven industry technology though ElectraLink’s Energy Market Data Hub platform.



Integrating with the DIP: start planning ahead

Integrating with the DIP: start planning ahead

ElectraLink recognises that different parts of the industry will progress with a move to the Data Integration Platform (DIP) at different paces. As Elexon outlined, users can manage their own transition to the DIP – whether this is full adoption of real-time data transfer or a hybrid solution.

Our proposed approach of enabling integration through an adaptor supports businesses to make their own choice. Whether you are ready to transition to the DIP today and looking for a direct connection, or constrained by legacy systems and require a low-risk route that minimises impact, we can help.

On Wednesday, 1 February, we hosted a 30-minute webinar with a Q&A session that outlined the key changes to the market operating with the DIP, the requirements for businesses, and the different options that are available to support your transition to the DIP.

ElectraLink offers a low-risk route that minimises the impact of the DIP with:

  • A proven adaptor service for a direct connection to the DIP,
  • And a DTS-adaptor hybrid interim solution for those who want to use the DTS and legacy systems until they are finally ready to directly connect to the DIP.

This solution fits within your IT journey wherever you are and enables you to transition at your own pace.