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In April 2016, Parties of the now-defunct SPAA code sought to address data communication quality issues by mandating a common data exchange mechanism – the Data Transfer Service (DTS) – for the exchange of NOSI flows, for domestic gas Suppliers. In May 2017, SPAA Parties extended the use of the DTS for the exchange of RET and SAR flows, and Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP) Flows were added in June 2019. As of 1 September 2021, gas data flows are managed under the Retail Energy Code.

Getting set up for regulated gas

If you are a domestic or non-domestic gas supplier, please visit the Retail Energy Code website or contact the Retail Energy Code manager for assistance with gas data flows.

Explanation of Regulated Gas Flows
  • Notification of Supplier Information (NOSI) –to support the change of supplier events by offering this gas flow as a regulated service mandated for domestic gas suppliers;
  • Resolution of Erroneous Transfer (RET)– resolve situations whereby customers have accidentally been switched to a new energy supplier without their consent; and
  • Supplier Agreed Read (SAR)– a mutually agreed meter reading between two suppliers on a change of supply event.
  • Debt Assignment Protocol Flows – a series of flows to manage consumer debt on the change of supplier event.
  • ElectraLink also offers RGMA services on a commercial basis to help you with your data transfer requirements in the UK energy industry.
  • If you would like to check which parties are configured to receive gas supplier flows, please download the RET, SAR and NOSI DTS routes spreadsheet