What is FlowPortal?

FlowPortal is an innovative online service that all Data Transfer Service (DTS) users can access through their web browser. It allows you to send and receive all flows that can be transferred over the DTS directly through a browser, without having to utilise Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) clients.

This product has been designed with new or smaller suppliers in mind, as it reduces the need to install larger technological solutions, it can be accessed through any internet ready device, and reduces the need for extensive training for new staff. This product allows you to interact with other market participants in an easier-to-handle environment, while still being able to perform all the important aspects of using the DTS.

FlowPortal is included in WebTools, and is available to all DTS users at no additional cost to their standard DTS license.

How will it benefit you?
  • You will find it as simple as using email
  • You will eliminate the need for extensive training for new staff
  • You won’t need to roll out complicated integration with existing systems