What is FlowBuilder?

FlowBuilder helps customers design, amend, test and share data flow templates.

FlowBuilder enables users to create new flow templates based on industry catalogues and then use the new flows on the Data Transfer Network (DTN) utilising the full suite of available auditing, translation and validation tools.

FlowBuilder can be used to create bespoke flows for use on a bilateral commercial basis with industry partners. Alternatively, it can be used to prototype catalogue change proposals before submitting them for formal approval or to test upcoming catalogue changes before they ‘go live’.

You can now register to use FlowBuilder by following this link. If you register on the ElectraLink website you can access a user guide, and you can register on our e-learning platform to view how-to videos.


How will it benefit you?
  • Immediate, automated access to FlowBuilder after registration, 
  • Reduce internal system and process errors when deploying new or updated flows for catalogue changes. 
  • You can design new flows for use over the DTN to meet your bespoke requirements with easy drag-and-drop functionality. 
  • You will have control over who sees your proposed flow designs – the whole industry or selected partners. 
  • Security for your data and flows using the trusted DTS, 
  • Market accessibility for new entrants, 
  • Greater innovation as data transfer possibilities open, 
  • Increased ability to collaborate with industry partners, 
  • Simplified market requirements and forms a part of your organisation’s digitalisation transformation, 
  • Simpler understanding of data-related license obligations 
FlowBuilder Features
  • Self-service registration via this link
  • Drag and drop creation functionality, 
  • Manage gas flows as well as electricity flows, 
  • Integrated with the Data Transfer Service (DTS), 
  • Create and manage your own data sharing requirements in common formats in a sandbox-style environment, 
  • Take advantage of the DTS’ auditing, translation and validation tools, 
  • Once you have created, amended and tested flows or templates, and received ElectraLink’s approval, you can publish bespoke data templates on our website for the industry to use and share designs with select partners, 
  • Version control, 
  • A single structure of data requirements out of hundreds of variations, 
  • A one-stop shop for data flows in the energy market means one website to understand all data flow obligations across four data catalogues, 
  • Download documentation 



FlowBuilder Use cases
  • Create new data transfer formats and pathways for new innovative processes 
  • Send additional datasets not mandated by Code Bodies  
  • Create new relationships with non-licensed entities (such as EV installers) 
  • Create the metadata behind your datasets to share with industry  
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