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ElectraLink is immersed in the development and delivery of data-driven innovation projects, including detecting electric vehicles and solar panels on the local electricity network to increase visibility of new demand and generation in support of low carbon technology uptake and network planning.

We have been monitoring the transformation of the energy system and have taken note of the direction being provided by Ofgem, BEIS and the Energy Data Taskforce, including the likely increase in obligations to share data and deliver greater flexibility in a co-ordinated way. We understand that the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) will have to work together to implement technology solutions to ensure an open, level playing field for the flexibility market whilst ensuring that data and network security are maintained.

What is Flexr?

What is Flexr?

Flexr is a DNO data provision and standardisation service that will connect to the data held by all six DNOs and their DER customers. It is not a “platform” i.e. it does not operate in a competitive space to provide services such as network optimisation or trading. Flexibility services in the UK are already well-established with many platforms offering flexibility trading, aggregation, optimisation and balancing functions. Instead, Flexr is a data uncovering and sharing service that does not compete with these existing services, but will support the further development of these market services and level the playing field to allow for even greater levels of innovation in the market.

The market needs this data layer to provide information to platforms and other stakeholders to enable them to provide services with less friction and with better quality data.

ElectraLink will initially deliver a minimum viable product (MVP), which will include enough basic functionality to prove the concept of Flexr before we develop it further with additional data sets.  The MVP, delivered in 2020, will comprise of:

A Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Register which will be populated from ElectraLink’s dataset of 13,720 DER and DG customers (more are added each day) and from data sourced from DER providers.

The Flexr data portal (Flexr Portal), which will be the controlled access-point to the DNO and DER data registers for third parties. The Flexr Portal will also enable flexibility service providers to register their assets.

Integration with two pathfinder DNOs, which will surface network data on the Flexr Portal and will evidence the impact of network data access on the acceleration of the flexibility market

These developments will combine our technology, data management and governance expertise to demonstrate how we can support the DNOs in tackling the challenges they face in enabling a more flexible energy system.

Flexr will also enable the DNOs to provide co-ordinated, controlled and secure access to data i.e. it will be the data sharing equivalent of the Data Transfer Service, which will facilitate growth and innovation in the GB flexibility market.




Why now?

As the electricity industry moves towards becoming part of a decarbonised, interlinked “whole” energy system, the provision of transparent data between stakeholders becomes increasingly important. The industry events and initiatives described demonstrate the increasing importance of sharing data between DNOs and their stakeholders.



A central data service will act as an enabler to the GB flexibility market. It will address the impacts on the DNOs of a rapidly changing energy system environment.

A rapidly changing data environment requires action from the DNOs, and this chart summarises how a central data service procured by the DNOs will help deliver this change.



  • Flexr will enable and accelerate flexibility markets by enabling market participants to discover and access triaged information about DNO resources, DERs and flexibility market participants.
  • Flexr will accelerate platform participation and therefore accelerate the GB flexible energy market.
  • Flexr will be able to share large volumes of data in near real time (where applicable) to enable a joined-up operation across multiple platforms and systems.  
  • Flexr will address the challenge of making data more open while maintaining high levels of data security, something that ElectraLink has a proven track record of achieving.
  • Flexr will build on the work of the Open Networks project, other network innovation projects, and the Modernising Energy Data Access initiative, and provide a single solution to data surfacing and its governance for the GB DNOs. This approach will bring efficiencies to the unbundled electricity system by breaking down potential data silos, and standardising and simplifying data exchange between parties.
  • Flexr will provide an improved service to both the DNO customers and their stakeholders.


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Flexr Consultation


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