The energy market is changing fast and a variety of systems need support to operate without disruption. Data Transfer Service (DTS) users can get additional support through FileCloner which makes copies of data flows and delivers them beyond an organisation’s primary DTS destination. This facilitates concurrent data transfer operations while new systems are tested or data is migrated.

FileCloner supports the inbound and outbound flow of data, meaning you can send data to a third-party DTS user while sending copies to your other owned DTS destinations, and you can receive data from a third-party DTS user and your other owned DTS destinations will receive a copy too.

FileCloner Benefits

Seamless file transfer with no impact on live operations
Facilitates awareness of all in-flight transactions prior to cutover
Reduced duplicate errors as copy flow is only sent once original flow has been delivered

Problems We Can Help You Solve

"We have just won a Supplier of Last Resort bid and need to run two systems until all customers have been transferred"

Our solution

FileCloner supports the concurrent transfer of identical data flows to different DTS destinations, so you can continue using a failed supplier’s DTS connection and send copies to your other DTS destination to make full customer transfer smoother.

"We want to test a new system with real DTS data"

Our solution

Since FileCloner makes exact copies of the data entering your system through the DTS, you can run two systems concurrently. This allows you to test if the additional system processes DTS flows to your expectations.

"Our organisation has been acquired – our parent company is incorporating DTS data into another system"

Our solution

FileCloner allows you to pass on data that your primary DTS destination has received to another of your DTS destinations passing the reliability, trust and security of a DTS connection to where you need it.

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