EMPRIS for innovation

EMPRIS is an analytics platform that empowers users to interrogate UK energy market raw data and generate new insights into the market.

Through EMPRIS, ElectraLink is reproducing the data that underpins the retail energy market, making it available in a granular, pseudonymised format and empowering users to move beyond standardised monthly reports by enabling them to investigate, discover, and share a deeper understanding of the energy market.

Introducing EMPRIS 2.0

Showcasing a new look and feel, the redesigned user interface provides users with a smoother journey and better usability to make sure that all users have a great experience using EMPRIS.

Additionally, we have added more time-saving tools that allow you to perform deeper analysis. You can expect:

Instant Insights:

Share answers to key business questions with new functionality that allows users to provide key insight for industry processes.

→ Insight publisher:

Share a combination of queries, results, and visualisations with colleagues across your organisation for greater knowledge sharing.

→ Import private data
(and keep it confidential):

Users can upload private data sets to combine with EMPRIS products to enhance analysis. And rest assured that no other users, including the EMPRIS team, can access this data.


→ Embedded visualisation tool:

This feature allows users to easily visualise the output of queries for better understanding and analysis without leaving the EMPRIS platform.


→ Multiple query management:

Working on multiple (up to 5) queries at the same time enables users to easily switch between several pieces of work.

→ Run queries simultaneously:

Running 2 queries at the same time allows users to run a query whilst still working on another, or run 2 queries simultaneously for easier output comparison.

→ Scheduled results refresh:

The ability to select a time to automatically refresh results ensures users are working with the most up-to-date outputs for queries they run regularly.


→ Results history:

Users can view historic results generated for a query to allow for comparison against specific periods.

→ Code snippets:

This new feature streamlines the query writing process with the ability to create, insert, and manage snippets of code to capture quick and useful pieces of code for future use.

→ Query parameters:

Create, insert, and run a parameterised query to speed up query amendments with the added ability to share them with colleagues to support less experienced coders.


→ Comments within queries:

Users can add comments to provide additional information for a query without impacting its running.

→ Dashboard widgets:

Dashboards can be customised to display the most useful information to the user by adding, removing, or rearranging widgets.

Self-serve analytics empowering a data-driven future

As Great Britain progresses to a digital and greener future, EMPRIS’s innovative technology makes energy data more available and visible for the benefit of all market participants and consumers. Users are empowered with secure and instant access to data about energy production and consumption through self-serve analytics to improve the understanding and outcomes of policy, reduce the burden of reporting on the industry, and drive the energy market transition.


Delivering energy data insights through a cloud-based platform powered by innovative technology.


Empowering informed regulatory decision-making and policy change to create value for everyone.


Providing access to unique datasets in a secure, granular, and pseudonymised format.


Technology that unlocks energy market data

Technology that unlocks energy market data

Whether you are looking for high-level insights or to conduct in-depth data analysis, EMPRIS is the tool you need. There is no technical barrier to entry and equally no limit to the intricacy and power that can be applied to the data it makes available.

Through market-leading visualisation, analytics, and machine learning capabilities, insight is available to anyone regardless of their technical skillset. This way, policy analysts, data and computer scientists, visualisation experts, and others are all empowered to interrogate, predict, and model, from a single source of truth, the data to support policy decisions and deliver better outcomes for market participants and consumers.


The first use case for this energy self-serve analytics platform was delivered to the regulator, Ofgem, with BEIS following shortly after. They are experimenting with data to drive regulation forward to protect the interests of consumers and support the decarbonisation of the energy system.

EMPRIS holds data from billions of individual energy events in a secure and scalable cloud-based platform capable of providing rapid access to data and insight for thousands of users across hundreds of organisations. EMPRIS ensures the datasets it hosts are only used for their intended purposes.



With EMPRIS, users have access to:


Why use EMPRIS?

  • EMPRIS provides access to up-to-date information and insights on industry “outcomes”.
  • Energy data is secure and available in granular and pseudonymised format in the cloud.
  • EMPRIS is easy to use. Users can create simple drag and drop charts, run complex queries, and uncover hidden retail energy market information.

Want to find out more?

EMPRIS will soon be available to other industry regulatory and adjacent bodies looking to improve outcomes for consumers.

If you want to find out more, please email: [email protected]