EMPRIS is an analytics platform that empowers users to interrogate UK energy market and other data to generate new insights into the market.

Through EMPRIS, ElectraLink is using its decades of experience to democratise access to the data lake that is the foundation of the retail energy market, making it available in a granular, pseudonymised format so that users can investigate, discover, and share a deeper understanding of the energy market.

EMPRIS is already delivering tangible value to Ofgem and the government, supporting policy and regulatory activities with real-life data.

EMPRIS Benefits

Empowers you to discover energy market trends with access to up-to-date information and insights on industry outcomes
Freedom to test and explore the value EMPRIS gives you with a free user option and more advanced capabilities at extra cost
The industry’s most reliable, up-to-date data lake composed of data collected from the Data Transfer Service (DTS) with the ability to accentuate with your own datasets
Endless possibility to monitor energy market performance and investigate trends with secure data available in granular and pseudonymised format in the cloud
Easy-to-use interface for all skill levels with simple report building functions and visualisations, as well as SQL querying and advanced modelling for data scientists, to uncover and communicate hidden retail energy market information
Removes barriers for non-technical users to make better business decisions through EMPRIS’s intuitive user experience
User customisation and automation in reporting enables you to investigate the most up-to-date information and import and incorporate your own data
Understand location-based asset interactions with the grid through geospatial visualisations with site-level granularity (with extra governance)

Problems We Can Help You Solve

Our expert knowledge and variety of data sets enrich the quality and diversity of information entering your systems to develop creative, scalable solutions and overcome your and the industry’s challenges.

Whether you are looking for high-level insights or to conduct in-depth data analysis, EMPRIS is the tool you need. We can help you solve complex challenges like:

"We don’t have the right data or expertise to assess if Britain will achieve net zero."

Our solution

EMPRIS includes many datasets from energy and other industries and has data ingress capabilities. The variety of data – including your own – coupled with the platform’s querying and visualisation functions means you can answer some of the toughest questions and use the answers for better decision-making.

"Our supply business needs to benchmark our smart meter installation performance against competitors."

Our solution

The massive data lake accessible through EMPRIS includes smart meter data and pseudonymises identifying data so you can see how competitor cohorts are performing without revealing commercially sensitive information.


"We need to understand the changing demographics of electricity consumption for planning and investment."

Our solution

The electrification of Britain means greater demand on electricity systems. EMPRIS gives you insight into consumption at a highly granular level, laying the ground for trend analysis across customer profiles and site types to support planning and investment decisions.

EMPRIS in numbers

household and business switches since 2012
households’ pre- and post-pandemic consumption data
microbusiness and SME properties’ pre- and post-pandemic and current consumption
half-hourly (HH) renewable generation data points
coverage of every electricity smart meter installed
large-scale GB users’ HH consumption data

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