Getting started with EMPRIS

In the first few lessons, we will help you get started with the EMPRIS platform. You can learn how to set up your two-factor authentication, make the most of insights, write queries and visualise them.

Setting up two-factor authentication

In this lesson you will learn how to log into EMPRIS for the first time and set up
two-factor authentication, or 2FA.



Logging in for the second time

In this lesson, you will learn how to log into EMPRIS again using 2FA.



How to use EMPRIS Insights

In this lesson, you will learn how to use and make the most of Insights in EMPRIS, and understand how this feature will quickly help you answer questions that matter most and are
most valuable to your business.


How to write queries

In this lesson, you will learn how to write a query and run it in EMPRIS, and understand why we have developed this capability to be a powerful new tool for analysing data and answering questions about the energy market utilising the most popular data language in the world.



Working with EMPRIS

In the next lessons, you will build on your basic knowledge of the platform. Here, you can learn how to upload your organisation’s private data, manage your queries and results and learn more about the products available to your organisation.

How to visualise results

In this lesson, you will learn how to produce visualisations from results in EMPRIS, and find many ways to help you and your colleagues identify and understand trends, comparisons and performance milestones.



How to upload private data

In this lesson, you will learn how to upload your organisation’s private data to EMPRIS so you and your colleagues can combine data sets and generate insights to answer your unique business questions.



How to manage your queries

In this lesson, you will learn how to manage your queries and keep them organised and accessible within EMPRIS.



How to manage your results

In this lesson, you will learn how to manage your results and keep them organised and accessible within EMPRIS.



Understanding your products

In this lesson, you will learn how to find out more about the products accessible to your organisation, how your products can benefit you, and which data types your product is composed of.



Making the most of EMPRIS

These final lessons will help you to get the most out of EMPRIS. You will learn advanced features such as how to schedule queries, share results and visualisations with your colleagues, use code snippets, create parameterised queries and how to use your visualisation dashboard to experiment with different visual formats for results.

How to schedule queries

In this lesson, you will learn how to schedule queries to have energy market insights and answers to your market questions ready when you need them.



How to share queries, results and visualisations as Insights

In this lesson, you will learn how to share queries, results and visualisations as Insights with people in your organisation so you and your colleagues will stay in sync with trends in the market.



How to use code snippets

In this lesson, you will learn how to use code snippets while writing your queries and why grabbing a piece of your SQL for later can boost your data querying.



How to create parameterised queries

In this lesson, you will learn how to use create parameterised queries and why these will make creating insights easier for everyone in your organisation.



How to use the visualisation dashboard

In this lesson, you will learn how to use your visualisation dashboard, experiment with different visual formats for results and why different ways of expressing data can improve your communication with stakeholders



EMPRIS release notes

Here you can view all our recent updates – from new features to enhancements.

We are constantly improving your EMPRIS experience, and this page will summarise all the changes we have made so you can stay up to date with the latest improvements.

We will be updating this page regularly so you can check back any time to see what’s new. We believe in keeping things simple so we have grouped changes by month, please use the tabs below to navigate.

EMPRIS release notes

May 2024
V3.2.0 09/05/2024
New:  Product Logo added to Product Details page 
  • We have added the Product Logo from the Marketplace page onto the Product Details page to help identify which organisation the data is provided by.  
New: Subscribe or request access via the Product Details page 
  • You can now instantly subscribe or request access to products with click of a button via the Product Details page, so you don’t have to return to the marketplace to perform this action.  
Improved: Further clarity if no results returned from a query 
  • If no results are found for the parameters entered in a Query or Question, we have added a message when viewing the results. This will better differentiate between a failed query and one which produced no results.  
Improved: Consistent text size on Product Information field 
  • We have aligned the text size on the Product Information field to ensure consistency. 
Improved: Asterisk added to all mandatory fields on Private Data Upload 
  • We have added an asterisk to all mandatory fields on the Private Data Upload feature to ensure clarity on what is required.  
Improved: Confirmation of no Personal Data contained in document upload 
  • To align with the Private Data Upload feature, when uploading a document via My Documents, you will be asked to confirm the document does not contain any Personal Data. 
Improved: Number of rows on results added to notification centre message 
  • We have added the number of rows your result set contains on the notification you receive through the Notifications Centre when a query has successfully completed.  
Fix: Group by function on Question Builder 
  • We have resolved an issue with the Question Builder ‘group by’ function, which caused an incorrect query failure when using the feature.  

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS to ensure the changes have been pulled through.

April 2024
V3.1.0 11/04/2024
New: Rights URL field in Product Metadata
  • We have added a new field to the Product Metadata to display the URL of the rights associated with a dataset.
New: Source URL field in Product Metadata
  • We have added a new field to the Product Metadata to display the URL of the source location associated with an open data set.
New: User confirmation of open data terms
  • When subscribing to an open dataset via the Marketplace, you will see the Rights name and URL, and will need to agree to these to gain access to the dataset.
Improved: Increase character limit for My Community insights description
  • We have increased the number of characters that can be entered in the description field within the My Community page.
Improved: Increased character limit for Product descriptions
  • We have increased the number of characters that can be displayed on the description field on Data Products to ensure we can provide all the information required.
Improved: Retain query format for My Community Insight
  • When selecting to run a Community Insight and a workbook is opened, the SQL builder page now retains the query’s original format, instead of placing the query on a single line.
Improved: Notification when license not active – tableau
  • We have improved the wording on the Tableau dashboard widget to better inform you if the service is down, you do not have permissions or there is no license associated to your account, and provide next steps.
Improved: Identifying scheduled and manually run queries
  • We have added additional text to the Notification Centre to identify if it’s a scheduled or manually run query that has completed or failed.
Improved: My Schedule – pinning to top of the page
  • The sorting functionality on the My Schedules page now aligns with My Queries and My Results. When a scheduled query is pinned and you sort the order, pinned items will always sort at the top of the page, followed by non-pinned items.
Improved: Sorting Market Insights
  • We have added more sorting options on the Market Insights page to make it easier to find insights you are interested in.
Improved: Message when all products have been subscribed to
  • If you have already subscribed to all products on the Marketplace, we will now display a message to show there are no products available.
Improved: Data Product title and provider spacing
  • The title and provider fields on Data Products with no description are now aligned with Products with descriptions for consistency.
Fix: Products shown to user being limited to 20
  • All products you have access to will now be displayed on the My Products page, the Write New Query and the Amend Products functions.
Fix: Permissions lost on open data refresh
  • When open data refreshes on the platform, permissions will now remain in place to ensure you can continue to access the product.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS to ensure the changes have been pulled through.

27 February 2024
V3.0.0 27/02/2024
New: Taxonomy Controls
  • As EMPRIS becomes available to more market participants to further democratise data, we have introduced new taxonomy controls to ensure the data remains secure and organisations can only view data they each have permission to access.
  • For any organisations who are currently on the platform and have the rights to access the full ElectraLink data set, this will not impact you.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS to ensure the changes have been pulled through.

15 February 2024 - New features
V2.4.0 15/02/2024
New: Introducing EMPRIS Marketplace
  • The EMPRIS Marketplace is our step towards data democratisation. We are bringing together data sets from an array of different providers all in one place, allowing you to combine ElectraLink data with third-party data to further your analytics.
    This includes openly available data you can instantly subscribe to, or purchasable data sets you can request following further discussions.
  • Once you have subscribed to a data set, this will be removed from the Marketplace
    and appear in your My Products page, ready to use in your queries.
  • We will be continuously adding more data products to the EMPRIS Marketplace for
    you to instantly subscribe or purchase access to.
New: Introducing My APIs
  • You can now request the results of a query to be made available as an API from your My Results page.
  • Once the request has been reviewed by ElectraLink and approved, this will re-run the original query and generate a new, separate result set.
  • This will be available through a GET request, and you can find the credentials on your
    My APIs page. The API can be called using popular applications such as Postman.
  • Your API’s data will update as the products are updated within the EMPRIS platform,
    so we recommend using this feature with a specific query function, such as retrieving
    the last week’s results.
New: Introducing My Community
  • My Community is your own area to share findings and research with other colleagues
    within your organisation.
    Write, run, and visualise the results from a query, and share easily from your My Results page. Just click to publish as an insight, provide a name, description and set who within your organisation you would like to share it with, then click publish.
    Colleagues you have chosen will receive the insights in their My Community area and can run this insight to generate the output of the query you have created.
    Any visualisations you have built against the result set will be available and will automatically populate with the results once the query has completed.
New: Market Insights on Dashboards
  • You can now add Market Insights directly to your main dashboard, allowing you an
    instant view as soon as you log on to EMPRIS. They can be added to your dashboard both from the Widget selection on the dashboard and from the Market Insights page.
  • Any parameters you have selected on the Market Insights page will also be applied on
    to the new dashboard widget.
  • To add a Market Insight widget, you’ll need one available space on your dashboard.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS to ensure the changes have been pulled through.

15 February 2024 - Improvements
V2.4.0 - 15/02/2024
Improved: All queries now shown on My Queries
  • The default view for My Queries will now be “All”, showing you every query you have ran on the platform, including temporary queries that were unsaved.
  • You can still refine the view by your saved queries, by selecting the “saved” filter.
  • Please note: In order to schedule a query, this will still need to be saved.
Improved: Clear all parameters from a Market Insight
  • You can now clear all parameters on a Market Insight in one click to return it to its default view.
Improved: Maintaining sort order on My Queries
  • When sorting columns on the My Queries page, this will now retain the order you have chosen when navigating the system. Once you have logged out and back in, this will return to the default sorting order.
Improved: Hover over tooltip on Expand Query function
  • We have added a tooltip on the Expand Query function on the My Results, My Queries and Code Templates pages, to make the function’s purpose clear.
Improved: Additional guidance when setting password
  • We have added improved guidance when setting your password on EMPRIS to make it clear what criteria is required.
Improved: Failed query information
  • We have added a function within the Query workbook to retrieve and display the error message on a failed query to assist with correcting any issues.
Improved: Additional Scheduled Query validation
  • We’ve added validation to let you know if a scheduled query’s run date is outside of the scheduling window, so you know if a schedule will not run.
Improved: Valid results only in Results History
  • We have removed expired results from the Results History section of a Query Workbook, to remove any confusion around which results can be viewed.
  • Any refreshed results will be available here following a successful refresh.
Improved: Refresh Result functionality on Dashboard
  • We recently removed the concept of saving results within the platform, and have made all results available for 90 days, which can be extended by accessing the result set. Once a result set has expired, it is no longer accessible, but you can refresh the results which will re-run the query and generate a new result set.
  • We have added the ability to do this from the user dashboard as a quick action on the My Results widget. We have also removed the old “Save” functionality.
Improved: Clarity on which results can be accessed
  • You can no longer view an expired result from the My Results Widget.
  • When a query has been opened from an expired result set, we have removed the result menu item and dock icon to further clarify those results are no longer available. Once the result set has been refreshed, the new results will be available from the widget and the menu item and dock icon will be available.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS to ensure the changes have been pulled through.

15 February 2024 - Fixes
V2.4.0 15/02/2024
Fix: Workbook Opening fix
  • When opening two workbooks at the same time with different products, occasionally the products shown on each of the workbooks was incorrect. This has now been resolved.
Fix: # comments on queries
  • When previewing a query, comments utilising the # function are now clear and the format is aligned with other comment types.
Fix: Inserting Code Snippets
  • You can now insert Code Snippets into queries.
Fix: Renaming workbooks
  • When you rename an open workbook, the name will now update on the workbook tab.
Fix: Saving query when closing workbooks
  • When closing a workbook and choosing to save, your query will save into My Queries.
Removed: Parameterisation functionality
  • Following a review, we have removed our parameterisation functionality from the system. We are now working on a new feature to assist with creating queries, which will be made available in a future release.
  • Moving forward, you will no longer be able to create a parameter and insert it into a query in a Query Workbook.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS to ensure the changes have been pulled through.

January 2024
V2.3.0 – 17/11/2024 | Improvements

New: Open data connections

  • ElectraLink can now quickly and easily add open data to EMPRIS. We will be continuously looking for open data to add to EMPRIS to support you with your analytics, and can provide you with access to any data sets you request. In a future release, we’ll launch a mechanism for you to gain access instantly yourself.
  • If there are any open datasets you would like us to review and add to EMPRIS, please send details, including a link to the location, to [email protected]. We will review these as soon as possible.

New: Data Quality Metrics

  • We are migrating the Data Quality suite into the Admin portal, so we can react quicker to any potential issues with the data and increase visibility.

Improved: Private Data uploads

  • We have rearranged your My Products page to make a clearer distinction between Platform products and your own Private Data products.
  • When uploading your own Private Data product, the file selection option appears straight away. Once a file is selected, it will start the upload process automatically while you enter the remaining details, to reduce the time taken to upload a file.
  • You can now define your own table name when writing queries to improve clarity.
  • EMPRIS will now provide you with a preview of your uploaded data so you can ensure it is correct before finalising the upload.
  • On the preview, you can now define column headers, define if the first row are headers, add metadata to your dataset and define the data type so you can ensure the data is fit for your needs without having to re-upload a new file.
  • We have improved any error information and you can now return through the process to correct any issues instead of starting over.
  • You can now save your progress part-way through uploading your own Private Data product, and can resume the upload at any point from your My Products page.
  • EMPRIS will now provide you with a summary once your Private Data product has been uploaded, so you can ensure the data is correct.
  • You can now refresh the data within your Private Data product, so you don’t have to create a new product each time you have amendments to the data.
  • You can now share your Private Data product with your colleagues. Decide who to share with and when you have refreshed the data, push an update out to keep them in the know. As the colleague receiving the update, you can decide to apply it or not, providing flexibility in case you would rather work with your existing version.

Improved: Market Insights

  • We can now publish Market Insights to specific organisations, allowing ElectraLink to develop tailored and private insights to your organisation.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS to ensure the changes have been pulled through.

November 2023
V2.2.0 – 16/11/23 | Improvements and fixes

New: Introducing Market Insights

  • Instant, pre-curated visualisations into market activity. Including the ability to set parameters to refine views, favourite to build your own personal dashboard, view the query which powers the insight and take it directly into a Query workbook to personalise and generate your own insights.

New: Results availability

  • All results are now available for 30 days. This availability will reset to 30 days each time the result or visualisation/s are viewed. Once expired, results and any visualisations will automatically be removed, however an entry will still exist in My Results.

New: Results expiry counter

  • A counter of days remaining has been implemented to assist you in understanding when results will expire on EMPRIS. Green will indicate there are 21-30 days remaining, amber will indicate there are 11-20 days remaining, and red will indicate there are 0-10 days remaining.

New: Refresh expired results

  • When results have expired, you can still view the query using the existing view query function on the My Results page. You are now able to refresh the results to generate an up-to-date data directly from the My Results page using the new refresh results icon. Any visualisations previously created will be re-created and populated with the latest results.

Improved: Metadata alignment to Dublin Core Standard

  • We have added Relation, Format, and Identifier fields to the Product Metadata, aligning to Simple Dublin Core Standard, to further assist your data analysis and understanding. This information is available within Product Details and can be downloaded for each product in CSV or JSON format.

Improved: In-flight query always shown

  • When using the dock icons or left-hand menu navigation we have ensured that your in-flight query you are working on is always shown, so you don’t lose any progress.

Fix: Workbook status on menu not updating

  • The Query Workbook section of the main menu will now update to the correct status once the query has completed, to ensure it is clear the query is not still running.

Improved: Full stop (Period) now available as a special character for passwords

  • Full stops can now be utilised as a special character when setting your EMPRIS password

Improved: Ability to delete multiple queries at the same time

  • You can now delete multiple queries in your My Queries page at the same time, allowing you to maintain your saved queries easily.

Improved: Next schedule dates validation

  • Next Schedule dates on the Results refresh scheduler will now display the next expected run dates based on your set up of the schedule, so it is clear when to expect new results.

Improved: Ability to enable or disable autofill

  • You can now choose whether to enable or disable the autofill/suggestions feature on the SQL builder page.

Fix: Notification centre number fixed

  • The number of unread notifications will remain against the notification centre menu item when scrolling down the left-hand menu.

Fix: Blank screen when using Code Snippets

  • On occasion when using a Code Snippet, this would display a blank screen. Now when using a Code Snippet you will always be taken to a Query Workbook.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS to ensure the changes have been pulled through.

October 2023
v2.1.0 – 09/10/23 | Improvements and fixes

Change: Athena V3

  • We have upgraded the version of AWS Athena we are using to power queries to the latest version. This will improve querying performance on the platform. Please review the AWS Athena documentation which can be found by clicking the “Powered by Athena 3.0” found at the bottom of the SQL Builder page on a Query Workbook.
September 2023
v2.0.26 – 26/09/23 | Improvements and fixes

Fix: T&Cs display

  • The T&Cs now display permanently on the information section within EMPRIS to make these easily accessible.

Fix: Documents section formatting under Product Details

  • The document descriptions are now fully visible and the action buttons are aligned for consistency across the platform.

Fix: Unable to pin specific documents

  • You can now unpin any document in the My Documents page, or the Documents section of the Product Details page.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS.

March 2023
v2.0.25 – 22/03/23 | Improvements and fixes

New: Daily scheduling

  • You can now schedule a daily query ‘refresh’ to automate new query results every weekday. The query refresh will continue until deleted, or until a selected end date has been reached.

New: Monthly scheduling

  • You can now schedule a monthly query ‘refresh’ to automate new query results on a selected day of the month. Days 1 to 28, and “last day of the month” can be selected alongside a repeat frequency from one month up to every four months.
    • When selecting a day of the month, EMPRIS will calculate and display the closest available working day for the refresh.

New: Introducing code templates

  • Following feedback, ElectraLink has created full queries where you can view associated metadata for the products used and open it in a query workbook for analysis. This feature replaces the queries found in the Code Snippets filter on the My Documents page.

Improved: One-time scheduling flexibility

  • You can now select a future date for new query results to refresh on one-time schedules.

Improved: Weekly schedule improvements

  • You can now select multiple days of the week for a scheduled weekly query to be refreshed and can select a repeat frequency of up to every four weeks.

Improved: Next scheduled dates

  • For all scheduling options, EMPRIS will calculate and display the closest available working day for a scheduled query refresh, so you know when to expect updated results.

Improved: Automatically saving results from a scheduled query

  • EMPRIS will now automatically save results from a scheduled query so they are available for up to 90 days.

Improved: Extending the availability of temporary results

  • We have extended the availability of temporary results from three calendar days to ten calendar days.

Improved: Re-ordering of the Product Details page

  • We have changed the order of the product details page categories to improve clarity.

Fix: Product selection tick boxes

  • The tick box on the product selection pop-up and the green highlight now both align with the product selections made.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS.

February 2023
v2.0.24 – 16/02/23 | Improvements and fixes

New: Introducing product metadata

  • We have added more information for each product, including an improved product structure with value descriptions and known industry values where available, to assist your data analysis and understanding. You can export this information as a CSV or JSON file.

New: ElectraLink can review product metadata

  • To ensure that information is kept up to date, ElectraLink administrators can now review and amend product metadata.

New: Push notifications

  • You can now receive push notifications from ElectraLink administrators through EMPRIS, so you never miss an important update.

New: Addition of data provider name

  • To improve clarity around the source of data, the name of the organisation that has provided data for each product will now show.

Improved: Notification if your Sagemaker session has ended

  • When your Sagemaker instance has been automatically turned off you will receive a notification, so you can better understand why an instance cannot be launched.

Improved: Ability to navigate to Tableau Projects in one click

  • Navigate back to the start of your Tableau journey in one click using the ’Projects’ button.

Improved: Re-introduction of auto navigate

  • Following feedback, we have re-introduced automatic navigation to results after running a query. This will only show if you are still on the Query workbook with the query in progress pop-up showing.

Fix: Blank screen viewing error when switching between historic results for a query

  • Changing your selected results via the results history function will now display correctly.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS.

January 2023
v2.0.23 – 25/01/23 | Improvements and fixes

New: Notification Centre

  • Never miss an important notification or update with the new centralised notification centre accessible from the main menu. Review your notifications and manage ‘read’ or ‘unread’ status. You can even navigate to the results for a completed query. Notifications will expire after 30 days.

Improved: Notification and manual navigation when a query completes

  • If you have navigated to another page as a query completes, the system will no longer automatically navigate you to the results. Instead, you can find a notification in the newly created notification centre where you can navigate to the results direct from a notification.

Improved: Timestamps in Quicksight.

  • We have resolved the issue with timestamps not loading into the Quicksight visualisation tool meaning that you will not be required to convert timestamps to dates before building a visualisation. We have worked hard with our service partner to find a solution that means that timestamps can be brought into Quicksight, and a visualisation built from them.

Improved: My Queries dashboard widget only shows queries you have access to

  • Following feedback we have removed any queries from your My Queries Widget that you do not have access to due to organisational permissions. Now you will only find queries that you can utilise the quick actions with.

Fix: Query save and run triggers

  • Changing a query from saved to run only will no longer result in the query remaining saved. This will make it clearer what information is available in both My Queries and the Query Workbook.

Fix: Query Workbooks not updating when navigating to a different page while a query is running.

  • The Query Workbook will now update once a query is running, even if you navigate to another part of EMPRIS. This means that the results will always populate in the Query Workbook, not just My Results, ready for when you choose to view them.

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS.

December 2022
v2.0.20 – 21/12/22 | Improvements and fixes
  • We have fixed the size of the tableau visualisation pane
    • Tableau visualisations viewing panes were extending the page requiring a slight scroll to see the bottom of the visualisation. We have refactored this to try and ensure the visualisation can be seen in its entirety
  • SQL builder page on a Query Workbook now retains formatting
    • On some occasions when navigating back to the SQL builder page from another, this would place a query all on one line. The SQL builder page now keeps the format in which a query has been written
  • Column headers and horizontal scroll bar always visible
    • To scroll across a result set would mean having to scroll to the bottom, which would then remove the column headers from view. We have made the horizontal scroll bar visible at all times, and ensured column headers can always be seen on a result set
  • Action buttons at the top of Results page always visible
    • When scrolling to down a result set the action buttons at the top of the page would be out of view. We have fixed these in view so they can be accessed without having to scroll back to the top of the result set
  • Code Snippet highlighted text is now visible
    • When highlighting query text to create a code snippet, this would mean it couldn’t be read. We have now changed the highlight so highlighted text can still be seen
  • Incorrect query opening from My Results page
    • It was found that when opening a query from the My Results page it was displaying the incorrect query. We have resolved this issue so the query opened is the one that created the results selected
  • Resolved pagination inconsistencies for My Schedules page
    • We found that the My Schedules page was displaying a different number of entries per page as the My Queries and My Results pages. We have resolved this issue to ensure that EMPRIS pages have a consistent look and feel.

You may need to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS to pull through these latest changes.

v2.0.17 – 07/12/22 | Improvements and fixes
  • We have fixed the size of the SQL Builder pane in a Query Workbook
    • Long queries no longer extend the page which was causing action buttons to be out of view
  • White rows within Results pane in a Query Workbook not truncating
    • It was found that certain values within white rows were spilling into the next column, this has been resolved and all values truncate to ensure a clear view of results
  • The saved name for a Query Workbook duplicates onto a second open Workbook
    • In certain circumstances a second open Query Workbook would inherit the saved name provided on the first when run, this has been resolved to ensure Workbooks are independent of each other
  • Save options incorrect if running two concurrent queries
    • In certain circumstances the wrong save options were being presented to the user when trying to run two queries at the same time, this has been resolved ensuring the correct save options are presented for each scenario

Please make sure to clear your browser cache before accessing EMPRIS.

Get in touch

The EMPRIS team is on-hand to help. For any operational or technical support, please contact:


Our EMPRIS Helpdesk operates from Monday to Friday between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00. We aim to respond to queries within 1 working day.