Embedded Generation Insight

ElectraLink’s Renewable Insight Service gives the energy market visibility of distributed connected generation derived from settlement data flowing across the Data Transfer Service (DTS) – removing the data ‘blind spot’ which, until now, has hidden 40% of total renewable output from view.

Renewable energy sources now provide over 25% of electricity to the UK – a four-fold increase since 2008.  Our data indicates that around 40% of total renewable electricity generation is connected to regional Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), rather than directly to the National Grid. As this dataset is not visible to National Grid, this means that there is no comprehensive, national source of generation data for National Grid to perform balancing and planning services.

Notwithstanding the issues data unavailability causes for national grid, this ‘blind spot’ in renewable electricity generation has made holistic forecasting and planning difficult for a number of energy market participants:

  • Network operators who have difficulty in balancing short-term demand and supply, as well as planning long-term capacity requirements  and  making  informed decisions  about  investing       in  new technologies, such as smart grid and storage, against installing traditional assets on the grid
  • Renewable  energy  generators  and aggregators  realising  reduced  yields during periods of heavy wind or high sunshine as a result of constraints and bottlenecks in the distribution network
  • Suppliers struggling to accurately forecast renewable generation and translate this into energy purchasing requirements by netting-off this renewable supply against projected demand.
  • Investors  and  developers  without sufficient data to make fully informed decisions  on  alternative  sites  for renewable generation.
  • Energy traders who are unable to make optimal spot market buying and pricing decisions based on comprehensive and up-to-date generation data
  • Suppliers and government agencies who spend time and effort accounting, accruing  and  reconciling  renewable energy obligations.

ElectraLink’s dataset supports the creation of a national picture of the generation market by filling the ‘missing picture’ of distribution connected generation to provide market participants with a complete view of what is really going on. The DTS dataset makes embedded generation data available and, using this data, ElectraLink can graph the growth, seasonality and volatility in wind and solar electricity generation since 2012 at MPAN and HH granularity.

SVA - Registered Embedded Genation by tech typ


Our Renewable Insight Service enables industry participants to forecast net demand more effectively and identify where there may be bottlenecks and opportunities in the distribution network to make more informed decisions. It can also help prevent lost revenue opportunities by helping the industry to effectively manage this generation resource

Renewable Generation

The diagram above shows how this service can be used to improve the accuracy of forecasting energy demand.

View our embedded-generation-insight-brochure for more details, and email Paul.Linnane@electralink.co.uk or Ian.Scougal@electralink.co.uk or call 0207 432 2849 to discuss how you could benefit from our dataset.