Energy Networks Analyst

Central London



Full Time


ElectraLink delivers network data services, governance services, and energy market insights to the UK energy industry. The organisation is at the centre of a complex market with a range of stakeholders including Ofgem, BEIS, energy suppliers, energy distribution companies and energy service organisations. ElectraLink’s Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH) is a key enabler for innovation in the energy sector. Data, and the need for our energy networks to be managed in a more flexible, customer-centric way, is the catalyst for the transition that the GB’s Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) are making to Distribution System Operators (DNOs). ElectraLink’s EMDH sits at the heart of this shifting energy landscape. Through the Data Transfer Service (DTS) that sits at the heart of the EMDH, ElectraLink holds every market transaction in relation to smart meter installations and change of supplier events; it offers a view of over 90% of all embedded generation on the network. With a little innovation, it can be used to spot electric vehicle trends, be used to streamline customer processes, underpin embedded generation / distributed energy resources reporting, and support emerging flexibility services. We are working with energy network companies (the DNOs) to innovate and we’re inviting energy innovators to test and deliver new projects and services using ElectraLink’s unique energy customer dataset under the EMDH. We are recruiting a DSO Business Analyst to support our data-driven engagement with industry and support our further participation in DSO innovation projects where we can showcase the capabilities of the EMDH and DTS data asset. This is an exciting role for an exceptional candidate. The successful applicant will have a passion for working with data and particular knowledge of energy market data and its potential to play a leading role in the DNO to DSO transition.

The Role

Responsible for supporting development and delivery of new and existing innovation projects relevant to DSO transition, and to:

  • Identify and progress project and product-based opportunities relating to data transfer and the use of data in the design of future energy markets, for example through electricity network innovation projects
  • Identify and explores opportunities for service and business improvement within the Transformation Services programme
  • Identify, analyse, manage and monitor relationships with and between stakeholders
  • Communicate with stakeholders clearly and regularly, being clear on mutual needs and commitments with consideration of impacts, with a focus on user needs
  • Understand and identify stakeholders and their needs based on evidence. Able to translate user stories and propose design approaches or services to meet these needs
  • Support development and delivery of a series of network innovation projects for 2018 and beyond
  • Support delivery and execution of a stakeholder engagement plan
  • Programme reporting to Head of Transformation

The above is a list of the main duties for the role.  This list is not exhaustive and may be amended from time to time as per the business needs.  

Reports to

DSO Lead

Direct Reports / Team Operation

Direct Reports:


The DSO Business Analyst will interface with both internal and external project teams including the programme management of these teams. Resources to support the Transformation Services programme will be drawn from internal ElectraLink resources and potentially additional contractor resources.


Key skills:

  • Understands how the digital economy and data is changing user behaviour and the energy market landscape
  • The ability to investigate, analyse, visualise, model, articulate and solve complex problems and concepts and make disciplined decisions based on available information
  • Familiar with agile methodology and how to apply the agile mindset to all aspects of their work; utilises an iterative method and flexible approach to enable rapid delivery
  • Expert knowledge of network operations and the challenges faced by the GB distribution networks over the next 10 years
  • Can-do attitude to resolving issues and managing risks
  • Well organised, structured approach to programmes of work
  • Excellent report and presentation writing skills

Highly desirable skills:

  • Understanding of data transfer and the use of data in the design of future energy markets.
  • Experience of speaking at seminars and conferences.
  • Operational delivery experience

Key characteristics:

  • Self-motivated, willing to roll-sleeves up
  • Excellent inter-personal skills
  • Able to act and behave with confidence and gravitas with senior clients and stakeholders
  • Comfortable in presenting at client meetings up to senior level
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Possesses sound commercial and financial judgement

Performance Metrics

  • Successful application for network innovation funding and commencement of projects
  • Diversification of data product suite to support DSO transition work
  • Delivery of DNO and third-party innovation engagement
  • Programme reporting