EAC API Solution

Aside from the MPAN, the Estimated Annual Consumption, (EAC), is most important piece of information when it comes to the supply of energy to a property.  Calculated from the historical consumption patterns at the meter, the forward looking EAC directly impacts accuracy of the customers first bill, the Direct Debit, the energy to be purchased in the wholesale market and the total savings that a customer could achieve when switching tariff.

Due to the importance of the cost savings as part of the switching journey, the market has created various methods to obtain a proxy for the EAC.  These include requesting the monthly DD value, surveys on number of rooms and occupants or even using the generic Ofgem standards of high, medium, & low.  These methods can be subject to large inaccuracies, are more time consuming for the customer and can lead to customer drop offs.

Electralink’s Energy Market Data Hub is a platform to provide industry participants instantaneously access to data.  Providing the actual EAC at the property via an API is the first implementation of platform to enable suppliers, Price Comparison Websites (PCWs) and Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) to access this data on behalf of the customer.

By using our API suppliers, PCWs and TPIs can embed accurate consumption and industry data to their customer journeys, improving the user experience as well as increasing the accuracy of the data to ensure the Change Of Supplier process is optimal.

If you would like to talk to ElectraLink about gaining access to this and other APIs, please email [email protected] or [email protected]