DUos e-Billing

What is the DUoS e-Billing?

An efficient alternative to transferring and validating paper or PDF bills between DNO and Supplier for Distribution Use of System charges.

As a new or growing electricity company, I&C Suppliers that supply specifically to CT Metered Half Hourly Sites (MD HH sites – measurement classes C & E) have the option of subscribing to our automated DUoS e-Billing data flows that will allow you to introduce efficiencies into your DUoS invoicing processes.

The service is growing in popularity, with 30 I&C Suppliers and 6 DNOs already benefiting from DUoS e-Billing with more in the pipeline.

ElectraLink developed the DUoS e-Billing flows with HM Revenue and Customs to ensure they are recognised as invoices and can be referenced in external financial audits.

Additionally, for developers looking to develop their own validation systems, an extract of the MS Access Database Catalogue containing a sample structure of the D2021 Flow can also be made available.

More in-depth documents about the structure of the data flows, data items within them and business rules that govern how the flows can be used can be provided upon request. Further information on pricing can also be requested from us.

To find out more call ElectraLink on 020 7432 3012, contact us via LiveChat or email:

How will it benefit you?
  •  Increases your capacity to cope with demand of invoices from DNOs
  •  Frees up resources for other tasks by removing the need for manual processing of paper invoices
  •  Reduces the validation errors and invoice payment delays associated with the processing of over a million paper DUoS invoices each year
  •  Ensures your accountability through an enduring audit trail that can be queried
  •  Enables automation – saving you time and money
  •  Encourages a paperless environment reducing your carbon footprint
  •  Encourages the prompt payment of DNO invoices