DTS Governance and Pricing OLD

Data Transfer Service Agreement 

The Data Transfer Services Agreement (DTSA) is the multiparty agreement, which relates to use of the Data Transfer Service (DTS), the underlying interoperability layer used by the UK electricity and gas industries. The DTSA is under strict change control and is managed by ElectraLink on behalf of the UK electricity industry, through the Data Transfer Service User Group. See the link below for the latest version of the DTSA. As part of our New User set-up process, new Users and new entrants accede to the DTSA by signing both the DTS Accession Agreement and a Local User Agreement for their gateway connection to the DTN.

View the Data Transfer Service Agreement, June 2018 version.

Data Transfer Service Pricing

The DTS is provided on a cost recovery basis with standard costs for all regulated Users of the service.

View the current Schedule of charges.

DTS Governance, User Group Representation and Change Management

The DTS is governed by the DTS User Group, which is constituted of elected members. The DTS User Group meets on a quarterly basis to review service performance, submitted change requests and to represent the interests of DTS users. The scope of the service is defined within the Data Transfer Services Agreement (DTSA), a multi-party agreement to which users of the service accede.

DTS User Group Representation

Constituency Representative Organization
Supply Kevin Woollard British Gas
Supply Sandip Sali Ampower
Supply Lorna Mallon  Scottish Power 
Supply Matt Townson-Jones Ovo Energy Limited
Supply Vacant Vacant
iDNO Kundai Matiringe Buuk
DNO Tracey Pitcher Western Power Dist.
DNO  Paul Hart UK Power Networks
All Other Users Meg Wong Stark Software International Limited
BSC Matt Wood Elexon
MRA Andy Bard MRASCo

The structure of the user group has changed to include representatives for small suppliers, gas suppliers, iDNOs and Green Deal parties.

If you have recently acceded to the DTSA and would like to know who your user group representative is, please register with the website and then login and navigate to the DTSA (Change and Governance) page in the Downloads section of the website. Contact details of the representatives are available here should you wish to contact them.

Users of the DTS can raise change requests to ElectraLink regarding the DTSA, the Data Transfer Handbook, or the DTS itself at any time. ElectraLink will, in line with the change control process outlined in clause 7 of the DTSA, impact the requested change and make a recommendation to the DTS User Group at the next quarterly meeting. A change request procedure and form (Appendix A) is also available on the DTSA (Change and Governance) page, once you are a registered website user.

Download our DTSA Change Process Map for overview of the step-by-step protocols.

For more information, contact our Helpdesk at helpdesk@electralink.co.uk or call 020 7432 3012.