Data Transfer Service (DTS)



What is the DTS?

The DTS underpins the competitive UK Electricity, Gas and Water markets, enabling participants to work together to exchange information about their customers. This information interchange facilitates a wide range of business-critical processes including change of supplier, metering and how energy is paid for by suppliers (settlement).

If you’re thinking of becoming a user or just want to understand what the DTS is, you can find an overview of the service here

How will it benefit you?
  •  Provides you with a single central system to communicate with all market participants
  •  We guarantee to deliver your data
  •  The more it is used, the cheaper it becomes, offering you value for money
  •  Your business processes will become more efficient by reducing errors and enabling automation
  •  Your regulatory compliance and customers’ confidentiality is improved through a secure solution
  •  You have full use of a platform for innovation with secure access to appropriate information
  •  You will enjoy flexibility with support in the sending and receiving of multiple file formats such as Flat Text Files, RGMA File Format and XML

How to become a DTS user

Additional industry processes supported by us

DTS user group

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