What is the DTS?

The Data Transfer Service (DTS) is the founding function ElectraLink was created to procure. Incorporating the technological Data Transfer Network as well as customer service and governance principles, the DTS facilitates the movement of critical information between energy suppliers, Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), metering agents and other market participants.

This creates a diverse, innovative, adaptable marketplace where market participants can perform their roles well, maximise efficiency, and drive better outcomes for energy users in households and businesses.

This is an information page about the DTS and associated solutions. To register for or log into the DTS Portal, please visit this site.

Trusted operators of the DTS with:

customers in gas, electricity and other markets
of DTS messages delivered in under five minutes
years' experience securely operating a complex network
85 million
energy supplier switches facilitated since 2012
32 million
domestic and business meters visible from data sent across the DTS

Benefits of the DTS

Allows you to communicate with all market participants through standardised data sharing
Guaranteed data delivery
Value for money from industry representative-approved, cost-recovery pricing
Your business processes will become more efficient by reducing errors and enabling automation
Your regulatory compliance and customers’ confidentiality is improved through a secure solution
Integrates seamlessly with your systems with multiple file formats available
Access to a dedicated helpdesk allows you to easily navigate complex processes

How To Become A DTS User

Joining the DTS is simple, fast and low cost. All prospective DTS users sign up through the DTS Portal and accede to the Data Transfer Services Agreement – the legal framework that outlines the DTS’ governance, principles and rules. Watch the videos listed here before you start your organisation’s DTS accession journey, then visit the DTS Portal to get started.


DTS User Products (Included)


WebTools is a browser-accessible toolkit for managing data flows, including setting transfer routes, monitoring flow progress and reporting. WebTools is free to use for all DTS users.


An email service that alerts users when DTS messages fail validation and cannot be sent or received. Included free as part of WebTools.


Included within WebTools, FlowPortal is a browser-based data flow transfer pathway free to use for DTS users who wish not to use a costly Secure File Transfer Protocol service.

DTS User Products (Add-ons)


Validates data flows before they are sent to or received by other market participants so you can reduce errors and need for human intervention.

DUoS e-Billing

DuoS e-Billing digitises the billing process between industrial suppliers and DNOs for Distribution Use of System charges, introducing efficiencies and savings across various teams.


Creates copies of original data flows which can be sent to and received from other DTS destinations so you can test new connections without impacting daily operations.


FlowBuilder enables DTS users to create new data flow templates based on industry catalogues or their own requirements and then send the new flows via the DTS. This provides users with the full suite of security, auditing, translation, and validation tools available.


RGMAConnect supports GB suppliers and commercial metering agents with their commercial gas communications requirements, ensuring efficiency and regulatory accountability.

Supporting Industry Change

Underpinning processes and industry transformation with compliant data sharing

Ensuring data is safely and securely transferred is our founding responsibility, but our data connectivity solutions go beyond that. Our expertise lies in lowering barriers, navigating regulatory challenges and delivering meaningful results across shared datasets and cross-industry connections. Our systems enable the flexible flow of information across utilities to support core industry processes and the energy industry’s transformation whilst upholding compliance.

Adaptor: CSSConnect

Connects its users to the Central Switching Service to support consumers' faster switching experience

CSSConnect provides options to reduce risk, cost and complexity within technical change routes to our customers who must adapt to Ofgem’s faster switching operation.

We delivered this adaptor on time and on budget and it’s now supporting over five million customers with switching. We can do the same for your business helping you to reduce risks, manage costs and remove complexity by using an existing, proven service.

Adaptor: HHSConnect

Prepares your business for half hourly settlement changes introduced by MHHS

A key component of the DIP will be its ability to process real-time information which drives smart decisions across the energy system.

We understand the issues this will cause for smaller organisations or those that are unequipped to make significant changes to their own systems.

We offer options that can simplify the process enabling you to minimise cost and disruption by utilising our existing established technology.

DTS Portal

DTS Portal

ElectraLink has been a trusted part of the UK energy market for over 25 years through consistently delivering the DTS. Since its inception, this flexible, secure mechanism has enabled market participants to share information and comply with business licence conditions.

To support DTS users, we have created a single place for all the DTS resources, including everything previously available in the ‘downloads’ section.

Please note you have to be a registered user to access the portal.

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