Driving Energy System Transition – Why Regulation Should Not be a Barrier

About this webinar:

Britain’s energy sector is undergoing unprecedented change, transforming from a complex centralised system into a new decentralised, flexible, sustainable, and user-focused energy system. Consumers and market participants alike expect governance to deliver net-zero, facilitate innovative energy services, maintain vibrant competition, keep the lights on and ensure costs stay low. We need a step-change in the way the energy market self-governs to deliver these outcomes, using technology and expertise to drive real change in the marketplace.

Join us to learn more on how ElectraLink views this transformation and how we can support it by linking the present to the future to drive forward effective regulation, promote sector transparency, and support the opening of the market to new players.

Delivered in two parts, this webinar looks at:

Part 1: Navigating regulation in the energy system transition; and
Part 2: Enabling innovation through regulation.

Speakers and panellists

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