Data Transfer Handbook

The DTH provides Users of our Data Transfer Service (DTS) with information about the service.

This includes:

• An overview of the DTS;
• Details of how to the connection options;
• How to send and receive files across the DTS;
• How to physically encode files for processing by the DTS;
• All the forms necessary to set-up your DTS connection;
• All the forms necessary to make changes to your DTS connection;
• Details of contingency arrangements;
• DTS User Group procedures; and
• The schedule of charges.

The DTH can be downloaded in sections, or as a complete zip file.

You can download sections of the Data Transfer Service Handbook by selecting the appropriate link from the list below.

Section 1 Cover

Contents & Preface

Section 2

Service Overview

Section 3 Technical Standards

Section 4 Operational Procedures

Section 5 Contingency arrangements

Section 6 Schedule of charges

Section 7 Optional Services

Section 8 Performance measuring and reporting

Section 9 Name and Address Book

Section 10 List of abbreviations

Note that detailed information about how to use the various tools provided as part of the service can be found in the User Guides section of this web site.