It’s best to know as much as you can about a customer when you first start serving them. You can discover most things from their last supplier, but industry data isn’t perfect, and gaps can affect your ability to onboard and start billing. DataGenie gives you on-demand access to every MPAN’s information so you can have everything you need to give them a great customer experience.

DataGenie Benefits

Provides extensive pool of missing data at acquisition
Considerably reduces time between acquisition and invoice
Significantly reduces back office costs
Improves customer journeys and retention
Eliminates your reliance on industry-underpinned data


"We don’t know enough about our new customers’ meters to onboard them"

Our solution

DataGenie was developed to fill the gaps in the data that suppliers have on newly acquired customers. Usually, industry processes move the adequate data from old supplier to new, but when this doesn’t work out you can use DataGenie to supplement your information and set up customer accounts quickly.

"We lose customers shortly after they switch to us"

Our solution

At a time when price variance is limited, customer experience is what makes or breaks a home or business’ relationship with their energy supplier. By retrieving all the data you need with DataGenie, you are better able to serve customers at onboarding and for the remainder of their time with you. This in turn improves your reputation and puts you a step ahead of competitors.

"The customer data we receive from other suppliers can be out of date"

Our solution

ElectraLink’s data solutions copy and lift data from messages sent across the Data Transfer Service (DTS), meaning the most recent, accurate, comprehensive information is made available through DataGenie rather than a supplier’s existing record.

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