Data Transfer Service

The DTS underpins the competitive UK Electricity, Gas and Water markets, enabling participants to work together to exchange information about their customers. This information interchange facilitates a wide range of business-critical processes including change of supplier, metering and how energy is paid for by suppliers (settlement).


FlowBuilder helps you design, amend, test and share message templates that can be loaded onto the DTS. This allows energy market participants to swiftly upgrade and test their systems in time for catalogue changes and new industry requirements, and to facilitate information sharing in bi-lateral arrangements.


RGMAConnect supports Gas and Dual Fuel suppliers and commercial metering agents to create and send RGMA flows, as well as providing an RGMA Data Flow Catalogue.

DUos e-Billing

An efficient alternative to transferring and validating paper or PDF bills between DNO and Supplier for Distribution Use of System charges.


Check-It allows you to guarantee that the electricity format files you compose have the correct structure and content before issuing them for transmission to other market participants. It also allows you to validate the files you receive from other market participants before accepting them into your internal systems.


FileCloner allows Data Transfer Network Users to send copies of data flows to a secondary destination without adversely impacting their daily operations.


WebTools is the one-stop shop for managing flows. This includes creating new routes; reviewing auditing information; generating, editing and recollecting files; managing your use accounts and generating reports.


FlowAlert is a proactive email subscription service that triggers rapid alerts when DTS messages fail validation and cannot be sent.


Designed with new or smaller suppliers in mind, FlowPortal allows you to create, send and receive data directly from your web browser.


The Central Switching Service (CSS) is intended to deliver faster supplier switching for consumers. ElectraLink provides the connectivity for market participants to make this a reality. Built on the same infrastructure and integration points with market participants as the DTS, this service facilitates near real-time communication between market participants and the Central Switching Services.

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