For over 25 years, ElectraLink has supported the evolution of the UK energy market with consistent and reliable delivery of the Data Transfer Network (DTN). From its inception in 1998, the DTN has supported competition and growth in the market through a flexible, secure and trusted data transfer mechanism that enables market participants to communicate and facilitate key market events.

Our Data Transfer Solutions cover the services provided under the DTS and many additional optional, commercial solutions that support the flow of non-regulated information across the utilities market. Outside of our Data Transfer Solutions, we deliver several different services utilising the data that is transferred over the DTN, highlighting our journey to transforming our services.

Data Transfer Products

These solutions enable your business to transfer market messages to a variety of industry participants throughout the utilities market.

Data Transfer Enhancers

These solutions help DTS customers to make the most of their connection to the industry and simplifies the transfer of market messages between industry participants to introduce efficiencies for businesses across the utilities market.

Data Innovation Boosters

These solutions provide unique tools related to data transfer in the utilities market. This allows market participants to innovate and transform their existing data transfer solutions, creating interesting new products and innovative uses of existing industry infrastructure.

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